Xplane model import

For starters, X-Plane handles far more realistically on takeoff and especially landing. There’s a night and day difference between flaring on X-Plane and MSFS.
I believe X-Plane 11 uses Blade Model Theory. Traditionally speaking, flight sims will use data in predefined lookup tables, henceforth determining characteristics like lift or drag. You can read more on Blade Element Theory here: Blade element theory - Wikipedia

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Although x-planes blade element theory looks good on paper the reality is that many aircraft dont handle the way they do in real life. I have found many discrepencies when it comes to drag and elevator effectivness etc. No sim is perfect.

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Yeah i agree, but from the research and testing i did so far x plane is indeed looking and feeling more realistic than mfsf. I am also a student pilot and fly the c152 but in mfsf it feels of somewhere. It takes off really early, 10-15 knots before rotating speed irl. Also when deploying flaps you dont get the pitch up moment you get irl and incrasing wing loading (by turning for example) doesnt incrase your stall speed.

Does annyone know how the physics/ aerodynamics engine of mfsf works? I have a hard time finding annything on this

I am in no way am expert on this, i am just relaying my understanding of this from the MSFS Devs.

It seems that the way they do it is a combination of the old fsx aerodynamics and a form of realtime simulation. I think that the realtime simulation is more based the external factors. But still, if you go to DEV mode you can see the drag, thrust and lift vectors change dynamically in real time.

Its a shame about the lac of nose up tendency. Its true that most airplanes lift off way too easily. But i have to say, since the alpha the overall aerodynamics have gotten a lot better. Especially stalls.

Actually, all you need is just load sample aircraft that goes with the SDK and launch Aircraft Editor in DevMode. Geometry and Aerodynamics sections will give you plenty of information.

In short, the MSFS doesn’t really care about actual model geometry. You make geometry values match the model, but they don’t have to match. You can make a chair fly by adding wings value even though it has none.

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