Yeah for Me! (Logitech G Pro Flight Multi Panel)

Wow! I ordered a Logitech G Pro Flight Multi Panel from Amazon yesterday for the regular price of $149.99, but I didn’t expect it to ship for a couple of weeks. Today I got an email from Amazon that the item shipped and should arrive tomorrow. :smiley:

The first shipper Amazon showed me had it for over $200 and promised delivery sometime next week. But I went to “other sellers” to get this one to save about $75.

It looks like several will be available Nov. 6 for sale for the regular price here with fairly fast shipping. If you have Prime, you might get it in a few days:



I received my new Logitech Flight Panel this afternoon. It was straightforward to set up and use and worked basically right out of the box. All I had to do was to download and install the driver from Logitech and run MSFS.

I am thoroughly impressed with the unit. It makes it especially easy to manage the autopilot with controls allowing settings for the selected altitude, vertical speed, heading, and course. It also has controls for setting IAS and enabling autothrottle, but those settings cannot be used with the GA aircraft I used to test the unit.

The only thing it does not have that’s needed in the C172 and other aircraft is a control for FLC. This forces you either to use VS for all climbs and decent or to interact with the virtual cockpit when you want to use FLC.

The pitch trim control does not move the trim wheel very fast, but I think it will be useful anyway. Trim can still be controlled quickly with a rocker switch on your yoke, and the panel trim can be used for fine adjustments (something that can’t be done with a rocker switch).

The panel is much larger than I expected it to be. If I were to stack another panel on top of it, I’d have to put my screen on a stand to see all of it.

All in all, I am pleased with the unit. I am looking forward to using it with other aircraft I enjoy.

Just recieved my multi-flight panel today. Is anyone else having an issue with scrolling alt/heading/ias incrementing by 1000 (alt) or 10 (HDG, IAS) ? I wonder if this bug is related to the Honeycomb yoke since I can’t scroll HDG by 1 either with my mouse.

This happened to me for the first time today. The flight panel would only increment/decrement the HDG value by 10, as well as the HDG knob in the virtual cockpit.

This is a bug in the simulator, not the panel. A temporary workaround is to click on the HDG knob in the virtual cockpit instead of using the mouse scroll wheel. This will increment or decrement by 1 depending on the side of the knob the mouse is pointing to.

It also seemed to reset the simulator to allow incrementing and decrementing by one again by turning knobs.

What reset it? Clicking the HDG bug?

There is currently a bug that appears when peripherals have buttons which “set” things like lights, etc. If you only have push buttons you’re good, but toggle switches like on the Honeycomb Alpha are problematic.
It works if you unbind all those buttons. For me that was not a solution, so I went down a convoluted path to use vJoy and Joystick Gremlin. I suggest you search a bit around on the forum.
It will cause other weird bugs such as the plane being hard to trim as well.

I’ve noticed the other solutions mentioned, and even looked at paying for FSUIPC7. My only problem with doing all of that is Asobo listed the Honeycomb as a supported (even recommended) yoke.

To have to work around this problem seems a little tedious for something that should work out of the box.

EDIT: I should mention that I did narrow it down to the honeycomb yoke. I unplugged the yoke mid flight and all worked as it should. Mouse scrolling AND Logitech multi panel.

Yes, it seemed to for me.

Ok. Didn’t for me. I can adjust the HDG by 1 when clicking with mouse but that didn’t do anything for me with the Multi panel. Thanks for suggestion.

Don’t buy anything, there are free solutions. I agree customers shouldn’t have to spend hours hacking the most popular peripherals that are officially recommended, in order to achieve minimum functionality.

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