Yellow planes are these AI aircraft

Question I am a new user on Xbox and I wanted to know the yellow aircraft are these AI planes. I get confused cause I see planes with usernames above them but they still have that generic yellow livery.

For AI traffic, unless you have a livery pack, they will tend to be a yellow generic aircraft.

For other players, they will also be typically a yellow generic aircraft if they are flying the Airbus A320neo.

I hope that answered your question!

Yes it did thank you. Is there a livery package for the AI planes ?

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If you go into the in-sim Marketplace and buy a Livery Pack for the A320, they will not only show the liveries in the Livery Section of the aircraft selection but if the sim detects that an airline is flying the A320neo, it will use one of the Liveries purchased as an AI Traffic livery. For example, if Spirit Airlines was flying an A320neo, it would pull a livery that you purchased and that would be the traffic’s livery.

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There are many. Payware e.g. could be Aerosoft Simple Traffic. Freeware could be Alpha India Group.

Thanks for this answer as was confused today seeing a moving Airbus A320 in Air NZ livery (think the live traffic was Skywest). I’d never seen moving traffic in non-generic livery. Anyway good explanation of what happened!

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No Problem! In fact, Aerosoft just released Simple Traffic a little while ago, which transforms any aircraft into a real-world airline.

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