Yellow Spikes


does anyone know what these yellow Spikes are from ??


I have alsways a very little stutter at such a spike it seams.


With university grades, a first is a sign that you missed out on the social life and a 2.2 is a sign that you missed out on the studies.

With MSFS lots of green and a few yellows is a sign that you’re missing on image quality.

Lots of red with yellow and green bits is a sign you’ve set it a bit high.

Aim for more green than yellow, no red.

68fps is a sign that you’ve set your refresh rate too high.

The human eye can only see around 30fps. 24 (cinema) or 25 (TV) at native frame rates seem flickery, so each frame is shown twice to make it look smooth.


That’s a common misconception. A good example where you can easily see the difference between 30 and 60 fps (or higher if your monitor allows):


That’s a common misconception.

Yes, you can detect the difference shown in that page, but you can’t see the 60fps images: they appear as a smooth blur.

You can see the items in the slower images, but not in the 60fps stream which appears as a blur

I am sorry but there is a huge difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS. Not all of my friends can not is the difference but I can. Not sure IF 30 FPS with g-sync makes things look smoother? It’s just some kind of lack in response with 30 FPS. Teretically it’s probably the same but… It’s a much Greater feeling to fly in higher FPS. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t3:

Semantics are fun. I can tell the difference between a 60Hz, and 120Hz monitor. I use both, and prefer the 120Hz monitor, as it is smoother as you say.

Instead of looking at gaming sites, you should look at prior research done on things like subliminal messages. I work for a brain research lab, at Oxbridge, and studies have been made of this.

13ms was what they got it down to or roughly 75fps.

I don’t look at gaming sites or gaming sights, and nor am I interested in what the limits of human perception are.

I accept that it looks smoother at 60fps, but it is not clearer. I do not accept that this is better.

You get a smoother vision experience if you take your glasses off (or put them on if you don’t need glasses). Smooth vision is not clear vision.

The faster an image moves the more FPS you need for it to look smooth. Fly towards an object at 30 FPS and the object won’t move much so it’s smooth. Fly abeam an object and look to the side and your 30FPS will look stuttery, it will blur the image. Do the same at 60 FPS, flying towards the object will look the same. Fly abeam it and look at it and it will be much smoother.

Flying a fighter jet at 500 knots at 30 FPS and flying it at 60 or more FPS is a huge difference, a C152 won’t be that much.

Someone flying 737 at 36000ft with a steady straight ahead view and some hotkey views set will be happy with 30 FPS. Even 15 would be fine. Someone using TrackIR will need higher FPS for a smooth image.

i put the Aircraft in flight, thats the reason for the 68fps and it was just that you all can see the yellow spikes better.
On Ground i have ( with my 3 curved 49" Screens ) around 30 fps with much more of these yellow spikes and some red spikes.


What do you mean with “Lots of red with yellow and green bits is a sign you’ve set it a bit high.” ?

Accept it or not, it’s objectively better. The effects are measurable. You brain processes more information when a moving scene is animated smoothly. It’s not just the detail in the image, but also the ability to track motion, detect changes in the image, and react to all of this. You can indeed be a better pilot with a higher framerate depending on the type of flying you’re doing.

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You are the only person in this thread to use the word “clearer”. No one said it was clearer. We’ve been saying its smoother, and I’m glad you agree with us on that.

Mainthread frame time is usually higher on the ground than air. The spikes you see on the big graph are 100% from mainthread spikes, likely as you’re momentarily overloading the mainthread when panning or moving. Try turning down your terrain LOD slightly if the sutters are bothersome - this can help eliminate or reduce the frequency of the spikes.

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It’s for that reason I suggested dynamic LOD. Asobo could design it so that you have really high LOD when in the air, and lower LOD, with configurable thresholds, when you are on or near the ground.

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Aerobatics at 30fps is way inferior than at 50-60 and it’s actually more difficult for orientating your position in relation to the world about you. That’s bound to be different to cruising at FL30 in a Dreamliner.

The problem there is lower Lods also means lower quality, not just scale and distances. Us low flyers don’t actually care what’s happening twenty miles away, we want to be able to look down and see if our gutters need cleaning.

Those red spikes look very regular. If they matched times when you changed your view that would suggest a high lod, but the very regular pattern suggests to me that you may have some other process on the pc doing something in the background.

I’d start by looking at what processes are loaded at windows startup, and see if there are any clues in task manager.


I’m saying it’s pointless. When there is a trade-off between image quality and high FPS, quality wins.

Yes, I’m the first person to mention clearer. I can’t be responsible for others not using the word.

It’s only clearer if you are using higher graphic settings or screen resolutions but capping at 30fps will not be “clearer” if you would otherwise be at 45 without caps. I could possibly agree at much higher rates paired with slow monitor response times but not at these speeds.

I have the exact same problem. As soon as I approach the ground, mega bad performance

Usually that means too much load on your cpu compared to gpu, reducing LOD and or traffic is probably the easiest fix but increasing load on your gpu with higher quality settings or resolutions is another possibility. The latter will of course lower fps in the cruise but depending on how bad your performance was it could actually mean better fps and considerably smoother performance at low altitude or in heavy scenery. There are also a few other ways e.g. by disabling landing effects etc. so keep searching the forums.