Yet another DLSS interesting setup

So, been reading a lot of stuff about it.

I have a 2K monitor, with an RTX 4070 TI super card, i9 newset CPU.

Tried this DLSS thing only lately really. it does make things work much better no doubt, but there were complains about the blur fonts in the cockpit, or “ghosts” for moving things. This is very true.

What I have tried accidently really (forgot to turn the DLSS frame generator off when switching back to TAA) , is the following combination:
But, also, DLSS frame generator on.
Render 100% of my native 2k resolution.

I have to say, all the issues gone. Totally gone. no shosts, no blur images and high FPS. I dared to set all of the settings to ULTRA and maximum values for the shadows and whatever numbered values out there. Max values.

One important note, I used the Nvidia filters to sharpen the picture. But I did that anyway with or without DLSS.

So far, amazing. Works better then all the things I have tried before. Nothing could have carry ULTRA clouds, ULTRA textures, and ULTRA everything on a TLOD of 400 and OLOD of 200. Nothing.

This setup does that in a pretty remarkable way.

Only thing that happens from time to time is a white flicker which I can’t explain, I will try to figure it out, maybe it’s something combined with the Nvidia settings.

Give it a try, maybe it will be better for you as well.

What do you mean?

TAA with frame gen on and native resolution at 100 scaling?

DLSS does not work with TAA, you chose either one and cant have both running together. I dont really understand what you are saying in regards to your settings in the sim.

Frame gen is sepearate from DLSS and can be run with TAA or DLSS

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turns out you can :slight_smile:

DLSS frame generation is not the same as DLSS image rendering. Under Anti-aliasing options. Also i dont understand the point of limitng your frames to 33% of the refres rate when your using frame gen. The whole point of frame gen is to increase FPS but all you are doing is imputing frametime latency

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I never said they are the same. I mentioned the frame generation, not the image rendering didn’t I ?

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the 33% is just trying to figure out the random white flicker, nothing more. Usually I’m not limiting it.

FrameGen doesnt really create much blurring, smearing or ghosting. It creates some artifacts but that is something else.

When people have talked about blurry, smeared and ghosting images - they are usually referring to the regular DLSS image downscaling before upscaling it again.

random white flash can be solved by setting your AMD FidelityFX Sharpening to a non 0 value (ex. 20)

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Again, never said that the framegen creates blur. I said that the typical DLSS setup (downscaling and upscaling) does.

This setup is without scaling at all, and somehow, seems that TAA with the frame generator does magic. This entire Topic is just for people to try, not to say it’s good or bad, it worked for me instead of the regular DLSS setup.

As for the AMD - ok, interesting. I will try. I did mention I have NVidia right ?

I guess I’ll try it, if only because DLSS w/DLAA Quality hammers my GPU. I had to upgrade the radiator in my closed-loop to get it out of the danger zone.

It’s still runs warm, but I have to say my cockpit instruments are super sharp. Maybe it’s the high-quality 4K monitor I’m using, but I see no sharpness benefit from using TAA.