Yoke Tablet Holder - Looking for recommendation

Hi All.

I have the Turtle Beach Velocity Yoke system and wondered if anyone had attached their Tablet / iPad to it like the picture below. If you have can anyone recommend a clip?


That is a RAM Mount. I highly recommend their products. I don’t use them for my sim rig (my Thrustmaster Boeing TCA yoke has a tablet holder but-in) but use them elsewhere in various applications throughout my shop and vehicles.

They have a number of options, but shown in the photo you shared is the EZ-Roll’r, which I think is only available for iPad. They have other mounts that are universal for various tablets,etc.

You’d pair the cradle with a base and an arm. They have suction cups, or mounts that are affixed with screws or clamps.


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RAM mounts, as NixonRedgrave said, are extremely reputable. But I don’t know anything about attaching them to a Turtle Beach yoke, unfortunately.

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Tablets aren’t heavy, just a simple strip of heavy duty velcro does the trick.

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This company also makes GREAT tablet holders…https://pivotcase.com/ if you want the best

I have the Velocity One as well. I leave the top cover open (the one with the Allen key underneath) and that gives a good flat surface to simply put one of those cheap tablet stands on it.

You may have to look for a stand/holder that fits but that should be relatively easy. Not EXACTLY what you were looking for but thats an interesting alternative, especially if you use your tablet to display the PFD or six pack instruments.