Yoke with force feedback?

CPL flying mostly on C150, C172 and PA28.
My yoke is an old CH Products. After spending a few hours calibrating it so that I feel it responds best to what I know of the above aircraft, I now think the flight models proposed by MS are really not bad.
One thing that is missing, is the force feedback I’m getting on the real planes. The springs in my CH Products yoke replicate this badly.

Is there such thing as a yoke with force feedback, which would make the yoke (1) real loose (just like the real one) on the ground or at low speed, and (2) tighter at higher speed (just like the real one) ?

I was thinking of changing the springs to more robust ones, or even add some rubber bands, but this will go against (1) above.

The only FFB yoke on the market is from Brunner, and I don’t think they got around to making it work with MFS.

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Ok cheers for the response, let me check if I can find some reviews of this product.
In my case I got the best results by reducing the sensitivity of all axis by 70%, it’s kind of convincing but it’s still missing this “something”…

Time for Thrustmaster to jump in and develope a ( affordable) yoke with FFB…


Time for Microsoft to get back into the biz. Because they can pull this off. Still rocking the FFB2 stick, and there isn’t any worthy replacement out there. That thing is older than ACOF though…

I consider Brunner to be massively overpriced taking into account their FFB implementation doesn’t comply with the FFB standards that are around for like ages which makes the thing not work in many sims, especially in DCS which is my main thing. I simply don’t wanna shell out over a grand on something that does only work with a selected bunch of sims.

I have dual Brunner CLS-E MKII yokes which work great in MSFS 2020.

It’s not cheap, but has anyone tried the force feedback yoke from Flight Illusion? (It’s not cheap, but it’s way less expensive than the Brunner.)
It’s probably not compatible with MSFS at this point because their software isn’t yet (they said they ran into major SimConnect bugs when trying), but I’m curious to know if anyone’s tried it in another sim.

hi !
I use it (the flight illusion) in Prepar3d and it’s amazing… especialy with the use for the trim… I learned with it how use the trim in the real life…
but the alieron axis is impossible to use now (values from -16000 to 24000) in fsuipc instead of -16000 to 16000 with the elevator axis. using GSC Control MSFS v 10.1.4

Oh wow, interesting. Has Flight Illusion said anything about their yoke and MSFS?

they said that simconnnect is not finiched.
But some peoples hav’nt issue with the last GSC Control MSFS v 10.1.4
I will try this evening with the MSFS sample…

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All is right now !
Very happy to fly the C172 with my Flight Illusion Yoke !