Yoko Yoke bindings for A2A Comanche 250

Back to MSFS after a long absence and with a new system, I realize how much I have forgotten.

Anyways, the reason I am posting is because I can’t get my yoke (Virtual Fly Yoko) to work with my latest purchase, the Comanche 250 from A2A.

When I try to create the bindings (the yoko comes with no key assigned by default), I see no moving bar for the elevator and ailerons axes, as there used to be. Instead, I get a keystroke prompt, which is not what you would expect for an axis.

I know the yoke is properly connected because of the feedback provided by spad.next, as well as Virtual Fly’s own application (VFHub), which do provide axes that respond accordingly to the movements of the yoke.

Unlike other planes, that seem to respond to the yoke without any bindings, I am unable at this point to get the yoke work with the Comanche.

Has anyone found themselves in a similar situation that could provide some help? In the past I used to be able to solve all my peripheral woes with spad.next, but it seems that I am stuck with this one despite having spad.next running and connected to MSFS.

Thanks in advance

PS I’ve got the Virtual Fly pedals and throttle quadrant to work with the Comanche, so this is something specific to the yoke.

First in the options, you have to choose the yoke.
Then if you look for axes, you have to go to “sensitivity” on top of the left.

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Found it. Thanks!

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