You all know I absolutely love MSFS but

…there is a limit to what I can handle and tolerate. Three CTD’s during two consecutive flights (so 6 CTD’s in total) on what was meant to be a relaxing sunday is the limit for me right now. The last updates mainly broke things and added bugs to a (for me at least) perfect experience (like the freezing Garmin screens, odd AP behaviour in various planes, weird or lacking waves, a smaller LOD, and a LOT more CTD’s). Man, do I wish I could roll back to the first release version… Anyway, I’m done flying for now. Maybe the next update will actually SOLVE things instead of break things. MSFS is becoming a waste of time for (specially with those long loading times and the need to set everything up again from scratch after a CTD).

I still love MSFS and have high hopes for it, I know things will work out in the future, but at this moment… no, thank you.


I for one understand your frustration and appreciate your comments. I encourage you to file numerous zendesk reports for all of the issues that you encountered in your gameplay, as this will help Asobo to address the issues.

I hope that you will not “leave,” but rather stay and continue to apply public pressure to the developer.


Sure. If something is stressing you out, take a step away from it for a bit. Nothing wrong with that.


@JvanE100 Have you looked at the release notes for Tuesdays patch?

Yes, but release notes won’t help me. And they never say which bugs they will be adding. :crazy_face:

Yea, well, I am flying again already… :sunglasses: I was totally ■■■■■■ off, hence my post, but I noticed I also can’t do without MSFS… so I started a new NeoFly career south off the CTD-inducing PAAQ (around PAKT) and thus far I haven’t had a CTD (two flights). It’s a bit of a love and hate relationship but love always wins, it seems. :wink: