You can't fly below the sea level in Dead Sea Israel/Jordan

Yep, your plane crashes when you’re going to minus feets on Dead Sea. I tried take-off from LLMZ airport and as i climb bammm, crash. There is a invisible thing that you crash into. This needs to be fixed. (I know this one is reported but…)


Same for the kinneret. Anyway I reported it on zendesk yesterday.

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LLMZ — floating in the air at 0 kts IAS, 0 fpm VS. :slight_smile:
How do I get my below sea level badge? Bug filed… :slight_smile:

Also confirmed in Death Valley, CA (282 feet below sea level). Amazing scenery though, right before I smacked into the invisible barrier.

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Actually it is fun. You stop mid air, shut down the engine and enjoy the view

This is still an issue as I’m hitting invisible barrier in this area near LLMZ, after patch Makes it difficult to fly below sea level and get those stats.

2 days ago I reported the same problem. With any plane if you descend below the level of those mountains that surround the Dead Sea, the plane crashes and many times it is crashed in the air at the height of those mountains, and many times it is crashed on the ground by the sea.

Same here, any expected updates?

Microsoft notified me via email, that this bug is fixed. ( Kinneret is the same, for all flights bellow sea level. ) Together with adding LLER Ramon airport.

I just don’t know when will they add the fixes.

Maybe next patch…I don’t know

Fun fact The Dead Sea is actually 1,410 feet below sea level. Just don’t try to land on it using that measurement. You will end up hitting invisible water at sea level.


I reported it few weeks ago

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So it seems. If you start from LLMZ near dead sea you collide with invisible wall /hard ceiling(?) just after takeoff

yeap, same here

This also happens in the Sea of Galilee, Kinneret, in northern Israel. Water crash when flying low but well above the water.

Yeah, I put in a ticket for it.

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when trying to fly low on the Dead sea the plane always collide with nothing ?!

Thanks , Tzahi.B

Same happened to me. Very frustrating as it’s one of the reporting items. (Flight time below sea level)

It is not possible to land on the dead sea, plane crash against invisible ground.
Also it is not possible to take of from the dead sea and climb out. Plane crash upside down.

Yea, there was a similar issue when trying to take off at one of the “below sea level” airports in the Dead Sea area (sorry don’t remember which one at the moment. There’s a misplaced collision box there. But you should report it through Zendesk. Regards

Does it mean you can’t land on Netherlands? :scream_cat: