You know, a sort of Map Chat would be nice

I see people flying around, kinda want to communicate with them (I know it is not really realistic this way), so why not a map chat option? Yea old regular text? Quick and dirty communication.


it would be cool but would have to be l,imited to 10nm around you and or a specific command like
.msg [usrrname] mesaage

just so it doesnt get cluttered

only if it’s optional (requires an opt in). I don’t want ‘69blazeit420’ spamming messages at me.


Maybe move this to Wish List so we can vote on it?

I like the idea, but I agree the interface would be an interesting development project to strike the right balance.

A 10nm range built in voice comm/chat system should have been a no brainer in MSFS😒

its 420blazeit, thank you! :laughing:

Why not simply participate in the existing thread?

It’s a no-brainer NOT to add a 10nm voice chat. Just like I don’t want ‘69blazeit420’ spamming me with text messages, I sure as hell don’t want him shouting through my speakers :wink:


Hahahaha true dat…some just wouldn’t resist trolling comms

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You need some kind of list of players that you can sort for example by distance, airplane, username.
You should be able to set your own status (open for communication or not).
You could then add toggle options for chat/voice/mute and visible in sim.
That way you have more control over who you see and can communicate with in the sim

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That’s what the friend feature is for…
It’s not like an appropriate interface can’t be created that meets security and social issues.