Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft

No rush. I appreciate you.

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Ruhn Roh… :dog2: :rofl:


New to PC 2 months ago now new to head tracking. But keeping the list the same for now as May

JUNE-No changes

-SWS Kodiak/Flotiak- Still my GOAT. Every time I’m away from it for a while just right back at home
-FSR500- Just a beautiful experience in every way. Feel like I need to iron my clothes before taking it up.
-Bagolu’s C172 Reimes Rocket 210HP 3blade More power, everything opens, red interiors= win! and it has red interiors.
-Carenado WACO WYMF5 - Best view from a cockpit, like IMAX with head tracking
-BN2 Islander - Easy on frames, keep it under an hour and it’s brilliant at everything.
-Asobo Husky - Brilliant as a no-gimmicks bush plane. Continues to impress. And really, really looks the part with head tracking. Wheel landings are uncannily satisfying.
-DHC-2 Beaver - greatness is as greatness does
-GF Wilga - gonzo AND gritty
-FSW C414-Still my steam grinder of choice. On PC no mirror and a wash.
-WB Cessna 152 - Still topping the hourly rental spot this month. The taildragger is a great alternative experience. Still feel like an instructor is on the ground watching me do circuits.

Outside looking in-With head tracking sorted the DoubleEnder is creeping in and I’m back in the P-38 and Wildcat again. Been off the VLJ kick for a while now.


What other kind of landings did you usually do then? :rofl:

Those wing landings are not good for the bank account!

Well, I have the WACO absolutely mastered-even one wheelin’ touch and goes all the way down the runway; all the bush planes no issues; do all landing/takeoff operations completely within the bounds of the piano keys with the Shock no problem there(or land/takeoff from the Jefferson memorial dome why not), squash the Wilga in love a good time… For some reason the Husky feels unique to all of them. And I can’t get over the sensation of how the float FM feels like it has floats on it. Yes the humble Husky wall of yellow fabric sitting at the top of the aircraft drop down list.

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My list

  1. Fokker f28 4000 it’s one of the aircraft I keep coming back to fly because it’s really well done

  2. Maddog md80 such a great plane because my go to aircraft are usually regional airliners and 737 sized Aircraft

  3. fs studios embrear 170 great easy to fly aircraft and very easy to learn

  4. just flight Vulcan great long range aircraft for flying something different

  5. fs studios embrear 190 I never flown the freighter variant yet because I’m more of a passenger person but it’s very easy to learn and fly

  6. Fs studios Tecnam p2012 traveler, very fun aircraft that is simple to fly

  7. redwing Connie it’s actually really fun to fly and it’s a very capable airliner and redwing is doing a better job than PMDG by adding the smaller details in it’s aircraft

  8. flying iorn p38 very fun and a great choice for doing a long cross country flight

  9. dc harrier it’s actually a very fun jet to learn and master

  10. miltech chinook very fun to fly

After watching the fs2024 trailer I’m now wondering if I want to pick up a military propeller cargo aircraft now or wait for the airbus 400 in fs2024 because I don’t have one in my fleet yet


Duke camera positions I went with:

eyepoint = 0.31,0.2,2.65 ; (feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from reference datum

Search for the cameras.cfg file for each aircraft in these folders:

  • Community\bksq-aircraft-pistonduke\SimObjects\Airplanes\bksq-aircraft-grandduke
  • Community\bksq-aircraft-pistonduke\SimObjects\Airplanes\bksq-aircraft-stockduke
  • Community\bksq-aircraft-turbineduke\SimObjects\Airplanes\bksq-aircraft-turbineduke

The original was this:

eyepoint = 0,0,2.5 ; (feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from reference datum

The values are in feet (decimals of feet) and 1st value is forward/back, 2nd is left/right and 3rd is up/down.

So this change is like 9.5cm forwards, 6cm right and 5cm up.

You could also move a little more right, which looks fine if you hide the yoke otherwise it’s a bit weird. To do that change the 2nd value to something like 0.25 to 0.3 (or even more to help reduce clipping, as it still does happen when you look 90 degrees left… I don’t know how or why!). You have to restart the whole sim to see any changes.

If you find better settings, please share back :slight_smile:

I am assuming he is talking about landing on the mains instead of doing a 3-point landing. I find that type of landing to be very satisfying as well. :slight_smile:

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I guess I should add my top 10ish at the moment as well.

  1. Piper Comanche 250 (just picked it up and WOW!) -A2A
  2. P-38 Lightning - Flying Irons
  3. Fox2 - //42
  4. Belanca SuperViking - Lionheart
  5. Beech 17 Staggerwing - Carenado
  6. Beech 18 - Carenado
  7. Cessna 195 - Carenado
  8. Spartan 7w executive -HCG Digital Arts (this one is just plain fun to fly, and handful to land)
  9. F-86 Sabre - Shrike (when I have the need for vintage speed)
  10. Beech V36 - Carenado

I dont think I have flown any of the out of the box planes in a couple months lol.


I Can recommend the Transall. It’s very good - and on sale right now!

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That’s the only decent one out right now and I think that miltech c130 might be to late when it comes out

Heh he knows. Something about the Husky has this friction dynamic with the brakes being dialed in it’s better than just about all of them as far as the feel of setting it down. It’s also satisfying to taxi around with the tail up, especially lining up on grass. I’ll throw it out there, it’s better than the Wilga in that regard. I’m stickin’ up for that forgotten Husky. :laughing: It’s anything but exciting though.


My current list:

  1. Black Square Piston Grand Duke (I never fail to enjoy this!)
  2. Cows DA42 (so simple, but just feels and sounds amazing)
  3. Black Square King Air (complex and requires attention, but really fun)
  4. Vision Jet
  5. A2A Comanche
  6. Fenix A320
  7. Honda Jet
  8. Asobo SR22t
  9. DC-3 (DW mod)
  10. Flying Iron Spitfire

FYI - something I did recently that has really simplified my flying (100% in VR) - I purchased the Winwing A320 FCU. And using AAO I’m slowly setting it up to handle AP in every plane I own (those that have AP, of course). So as a result my Hdg, Alt, V/S, Appr, (etc) are now in exactly the same locations for all planes, and therefore very easy to find when in VR. How that is relevant to this topic is I am currently spending some quality time with every plane in my hanger, many of which I maybe haven’t given much attention, but now I’m finding a lot of charm in some of them. I’m guessing my top 10 will look different in 30 days. The Winwing has been a total gamechanger for me and this sim.


Hey :wink:

You’ve done it again :rofl:

I am sure I said already that these are counted together as E-Jets Series… so you have 1 more vote available this month if you want to use it.

Please edit that post so it is easier for me to track and let me know when done. Cheers!

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Do you mean the V-35 V-Tail or the G36? Actually I assume the V-35 as you said Carenado but just checking :wink:

And thanks for your first votes!

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1 Piper Comanche A2A
2 Spitfire Flyingiron
4 Ant’s Tiger Moth
5 Bf 109 Flyingiron
6 Antonov AN2
7 Discus 2c Got Friend
8 P-38 Flyingiron
9 Asobo Top Rudder 103 solo
10 F14 Heatblur (New)

  1. TBM 850 (Why does this not get more love? It is so perfect)
  2. VisionJet G2
  3. TBM 930 (Still my favorite stock airplane)
  4. Fenix A320
  5. ATR 72-600

Interesting. I didn’t realize Heatblur made an MSFS version of the F14. I know they made one for DCS.


ahh goctcha, I might have to pick that one up. I am placing a self imposed restriction on new aircraft until after 2024 comes out. I want to make sure the majority of my aircraft transfer well before sinking in more monee.

Yea, The V-35. Tried to type that one out quickly while my office phone was ringing lol

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