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I started this topic in March 2022 as a bit of fun, as I was interested in what peoples favourite aircraft to fly were. I suggested this need not necessarily be the ones you have spent the most time in, but ones that you really could not live without. Since then it has evolved into an ongoing “Top Aircraft Charts” and we have had a brilliant response with regular contributors here to discuss the merits of aircraft they love (as well as a bit of mildly off-topic fun), as we all discover new ideas, remind ourselves of planes we may already have bought but rarely fly, ask questions about any aircraft you’d like to know more about and to chat about upcoming and brand new releases. Please join in!

:white_check_mark: I invite you to please list your favourite aircraft to count towards the Charts.

:speech_balloon: We would also REALLY appreciate a few words about your decision for each one (but it’s not necessary… it just adds nicely to the context to understand your reasoning, and that may help other users identify with their own thoughts to help them make a purchase decision).

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A new year, a new system. I have archived the original post in the “Hidden Details” fold out below (click the arrow) but for 2023 the format is changing to this:

  • List your Top 10 Aircraft (was previously 5).
  • You can submit UP TO 10 votes for your favourite individual aircraft (if you fly less, you don’t NEED to give 10).
  • Instead of a Weekly update there will be a Monthly Chart, with a ‘mini-update’ every Sunday during the month to show the current tally.
  • The Monthly update will happen on the nearest Sunday to the end/start of the next month.
  • I encourage re-voting each month, even if you just keep the same list. To make that fast you can just say “No change here” and I will reuse your previous list.
  • No POINTS, we will only count single votes per aircraft, so the ORDER you list them in doesn’t matter. Of course you can still put your favourite at the top so other readers know it’s your fave :wink:
  • In the case of a tie the YOUNGEST (newest released) aircraft goes above an older one. This will give a small boost to new releases to help them rise.
  • The update posts will have the ALL TIME TOP 10 shown with MONTHLY TOP 25 below that, so the focus is still really on the Global Time Charts. The up / down arrows will compare to the previous month.
  • Full details of all aircraft and all months will be available in a downloadable PDF each month.
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Final 2023 Charts - Backup PDF

This was the final PDF of 2023: Dropbox - MSFS_Aircraft_Charts.pdf - Simplify your life

Final 2022 Charts - Backup PDF

This was the final PDF of 2022: Dropbox - MSFS_Aircraft_Charts46.pdf - Simplify your life

Original Post Archive (from March 2022)

Thought it would be a fun new topic if everyone wrote their TOP FIVE AIRCRAFT, with a short reason why. Number #1 being the BEST. I’ll award points based on the order and we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

UPDATE: As this thread has turned into an ongoing Top 5 Charts, please can I request that if anyone wants to update their original choices in future, please mention that it’s not your first post here when you give an updated list. In those cases, I will unwind your original choices and scores, and put the new ones into the table. This will adjust the Snapshots to be dynamic and current, rather than inflating it with older Aircraft from the past! Thanks! :slight_smile:

ALSO: please do try and rank the choice from 1-5 (1 as your best). I am assigning points from 5 to 1 in order of your choices to boost those that a lot of people put higher in their list. If you really can’t decide, then all choices will get 3pts each.

====== MY ORIGINAL POST ======
I wrote today on the Big Radials Goose thread that it has jumped to within my top 3 (such an awesome plane) but then I thought more about it and realised I have so many planes that are really brilliant that I started thinking deeper about my top 3 and whether I could even decide!!

Here goes my Top 5!! :slight_smile:

#1 Just Flight Hawk T1 (awesome sounds and agility, challenging to fly hard, nice control on landings, can really feel “at one with the machine” easy to fly but hard to master. And of course because I’m British, the fact it is the iconic Red Arrows aircraft plays a role!)

#2 Flying Iron Spitfire (beautiful, graceful, amazing character and sounds!)

#3 Big Radials JRF Goose (brilliant feeling of weight, engine management important but not too “serious/study level” for me, water landings and take offs make it versatile - really well done water physics and animation, stunning sounds - actually the best sounds)

#4 Just Flight Piper Arrow Turbo (realistic feeling, “simple” yet complete. My favoured GA)

#5 India Foxt Echo F35 Lightning II (B variant mainly, does things no other aircraft can do due to VTOL capability. Fits any mood or purpose from low level fast flying to very slow - even hovering - for sightseeing the beautiful world. The plane that does it all!)

I could happily expand this to a Top 15 though. So hard to decide. Also love the DC Designs Stearman, Bell helicopter, GotFriends Optica, SWS Kodiak 100, Parallel 42 Freedom Fox, GotFriends Discus-2c Glider, AirCreation Trike Ultralight, PMDG DC6, GotGravel Monster NX Cub, Aerosoft Twin Otter (with sound mod for now).

Related to the paragraph above, please check out this complimentary thread run by @OneToBeamUp3871 and go list your Honourable Five there that don’t make your Top 5 here!

Middle of the pack aircraft that still make you smile


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#1Kodiak 100

Very well modeled. Fantastic to fly. Best GA aircraft in the game.

#2 JP Logistics C152
152… nothing else to say. Incredible mod, blast to fly.

#3 BN2 Norman
Best twin piston in the game right now. Great STOL fun, blast for regional / remote flying with Neo Fly.

#4 Twin Otter
Nicely complex. Blast to fly. Would #2 if Areo Soft would fix some lingering bugs.

#5 G36 w/Mod.

Ton of fun. Well done.


Thanks for joining in :wink:

Aren’t the Kodiak, Islander and Twotter all pretty much filling the same role? STOL with Beta descent type of stuff? I do have the Islander but haven’t given it much air-time. Might have to dive back into it if it’s that good!! :slight_smile:

What does your #5 mean?

Am definitely going to try out the JP mod tomorrow! This?

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Yes, they are. I fly a lot of regional / remote areas (mixed cargo and passengers) in neo fly and those planes fit the bill.

That is the correct 152 mod.

#5 G36: GitHub - TheFrett/msfs_g36_project: Improvement project for the MSFS default G36.


Just based on what I own. Haven’t yet bought a warbird, for example, so I may not be listing the best planes available IMO, just the best planes I currently own.

  1. Kodiak 100

Easily my favorite plane by leaps and bounds. It just works with my gear. And that makes a difference. I really don’t have to touch the mouse or keyboard after I have started her up. Not unless I want to fiddle with oxygen or climate control for the passengers.

Some of my love for this plane stems from it being the rare plane that has everything it needs. Often, a favorite plane is quirky because it lacks certain tech so you must do some things the old way. The Kodiak is quirky in spite of having all the tech it would ever need and it even has a redundant stand by system if God forbid the G1000 failed.

Way too much power for the frame, so if you just take her up that first time without RTFM, she will teach you a few things about torque.

My favorite plane, and the one I chose to fly around the world.

  1. Twin Otter

A polarizing plane here on the forums but for me it is just a true joy to fly. Full steam cockpit but modern enough to follow a GPS route. It, of all the planes currently available in MSFS is a true, go anywhere plane. Floats, skis, tundra, tarmac. Two engine redundancy for water crossings. Saba? St. Barts? Lukla? Courchevel? Everest Base Camp? The Twin Otter can go anywhere and it makes sense being there. The Islander doesn’t have a turboprop so it struggles with altitude. The Kodiak has one engine so it lacks the redundancy for proper commercial or overseas flight. The Otter has it all.

  1. Piper Turbo Arrow III

Quirky but stable. A lot of older tech so you must think to fly her. That turbo is ridiculously temperamental because Piper cut corners to sell the plane for less money. IRL, it might seem cheap because of this, but in sim, managing the turbo, manifold pressure, and whatnot becomes a thing to keep you occupied. It gives the plane personality. And it makes the NA Arrow (also excellent) seem bland and almost boring in comparison.

  1. Mooney M20R

This was one of the first planes released for MSFS and it stands up tall amongst the rest to this day.

A ridiculously slick and fast piston.

Older tech like the Piper but it gets the job done.

Engine management requires your attention but the steam gauges are uniquely responsive and easy to read to find the perfect RPM and lean mixture for your altitude to get max performance efficiently.

And it can be very hard to slow down so… SPEED BRAKES!!! I am a sucker for having an extra lever to work while landing. Just a little extra work to do. A little extra control.

All in all, an excellent plane that keeps you a little busy while doing its job admirably. As I write this I wonder if it doesn’t really come in third, ahead of the Turbo Arrow…

  1. Caproni C22

At a bargain price, a two engine jet with all the bells and whistles you would hope for in a plane 3x its price. While the modeling is not Carenado perfect, at that price? Who cares? It feels great. Has deep systems. And provides more smiles per hour than any other similarly priced plane.

Honorable Mention: The DC6.

While I cannot deny its brilliance, it is a complex, study level plane, so I have to say a lot of my learning takes place on the ground instead of in the air. Which for now, keeps this plane off my main list. Study level for me in this case means studying without flying. This speaks volumes as to my current skill level, but I figure it is worth noting. The best planes are not always the best for you. The DC6 is currently too advanced for me, and I peck away at learning its systems a few hours a week. But until I am regularly flying it, I cannot pretend I am having as much fun learning the DC6 on the ground as I am having by learning the Kodiak in the sky.


We are very lucky to (finally) have so many planes to chose from… it’s difficult to pick just five. However, I’ll accept that challenge.

Trainer: C172 Steam Gauge
This also happens to be - IMHO - the best “stock” aircraft provided in the base sim. It flies and performs “to the book” and “feels” very good. It is a pleasure to go sight seeing at lower VFR altitudes.

GA Piston Single: Just Flight Turbo Arrow III
An excellent aircraft, very well done in nearly every respect. Even supports the GTN750 from PMS50. The tablet provided has lots of options, and “state saving” is unique to this model.* The flight dynamics are excellent, and arguably the best in class. The developer is also excellent, and provides regular and timely updates.

GA Piston Twin: Carenado C337 Skymaster
This - again IMHO - is the best release by Carenado to date. It flies and lands beautifully, and is unusual to the point of being a “unicorn.” It may not have the system depth as some others, but it is very satisfying to fly. And… it is one of the “prettiest” aircraft in the sim.

Turboprop: SWS Kodiak 100
This model might even get top billing for the best GA, best turboprop, and best STOL aircraft released to date. Many liveries and configurations are available, and it will handle icing, fly fairly fast, has good range, and can land just about anywhere. The developer is very active and responsive; what more can you ask for?

Airliner: PMDG DC-6
This is probably the single most complex aircraft released to date. Solid as a rock, with a steep learning curve. This plane was all I flew for eight to ten weeks after it was released, and has gracefully weathered Sim Updates without (much) fuss. The developer has twenty-five years of building models for simulators, and has a stellar reputation. Take the DC-6 up into the wild blue yonder and you’ll know why the reputation is so well deserved.

*Just released two days ago: Flysimware C414AW
Up until this model, Just Flight had the only aircraft with “state saving.” Not any more. It is too new - for me - to add it to this list, but after flying it exclusively the past couple of days first impressions are very good. It is still a “beta” release, and you can tell. There are glitches and bugs… mostly small ones. The developer is incredibly active - in real time - and helps work through issues as they come up. I have high hopes for this model. I think that it will develop into one of the best GA twins in MSFS.

It fills a niche - Cabin Class Pressurized piston-engine, turbocharged Twin - that is currently empty in the sim. It has a ramp weight of nearly 7,000 pounds. To compare, the Seneca V = 4,750; the Baron = 5,500. The C414AW Chancellor is in a different class than other light twins.

Aren’t we lucky to have such choices available, and to have a Flight Simulator that allows such freedom of choice? I think so… :slight_smile:


Top 5 eh? That could be tricky…I have a quite extensive MSFS aircraft collection at this point :crazy_face:.

I guess if I could keep only 5 aircraft…

  1. The Just Flight Hawk. I’m ex-RAF and my first posting was to RAF Chivenor, which had Hawks. I managed to get a back-seat ride on a weather check once…a most nauseating experience…but a completely amazing experience.

  2. The PMDG DC6…no further explanation required.

  3. The Flying Iron Spitfire…

  4. The Big Radials Goose… still a few items that need to be fixed, but there is something special about it…and it is a very versatile airplane.

  5. The MilViz Corsair… It just feels like a powerful, brute of an airplane…kind of like an anti-Spitfire.

Noteable mentions…. The Sim SkunkWorks G91 and TF104, along with the IFT F35A/B/C.

Thankfully I don’t have to pick just 5 though…and I am pretty sure my collection is going to grow in the next week or so.


This is hard. Based on how I fly on the sim currently:

  1. F-35B
  2. F-15E
  3. B78X
  4. B748
  5. F-16C

Don’t own the Hawk, yet. Excited for the RV-14 coming very soon now. Until then…

  1. Kodiak

  2. deejing’s freeware RV-7/7A

  3. Twin Otter

  4. G36 with either the normally-aspirated mod or the Turbo mod

  5. Monster NX Cub

  6. Islander, Milviz Porter, Goose, Optica, Freedom Fox, Stearman, P-38, Savage Cub, Piper Arrow III/IV Turbo, Skymaster, Mooney, etc.


This is a good but hard one. I think currently for me it goes

  1. F-35 by IFT , I mean how can you not love a plane that can land vertically, so almost anywhere, reach mach one or go as slow as an ultralight! That’s before the clean look and how easy it is to use.

  2. The Kitfox/FreedomFox by //42. Just by far the best Bush plane. The model is amazing, it’s so fun to fly and try to put down on river banks or mountains. Plus the mod manager and extras are incredible and the team behind it don’t seem to stop updating it.

  3. The Kodiak 100 by SWS, is by far the best in terms of flight model and system depth for GA flying, which is what I love to do. Not really sure much else needs saying.

  4. F-16, just an outstanding plane. Flies really well and great fun to just load in and fly but in capable hands the F-16 can be thrown around with such speed and precision. All the SC/DC Designs planes are amazing but the F-16, both due to being their latest but also just being the F-16 is their best and would be wrong to but IFT on here and not also SC/DC as honestly they are both absolutely incredible developers and the F-35 & older generations are different enough that both are well worth getting.

  5. This is hard as I haven’t gone with any old war planes and could pick so many others but I’d go any of the Piper Arrow’s, been a regular for me since it came out. Incredible modeling all round and flies very well by the book or more casually. As much as love bush flying and going fast in jets, sometimes its nice to go back to basics :grinning:

  1. Skyhawk 172 JT-A Turbodiesel - what the Skyhawk should have been from the beginning. With the NXi, there is nowhere you can’t go and still get there at 124 KTS or hold performance from Sea Level to 18000’.

  2. SR-22 now that Asobo brought it up to POH numbers, with NXi it’s a wicked fast 180 KTS Touring machine.

  3. Bonanza Turbo - want to haul a lot of people real fast and still get into smaller fields? The 205 KTS Tur-Bo is your plane.

  4. There is a reason why the CJ4 is one of the most popular single-pilot operation jets in the business. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you master the Rockwell-Collins ProLine FMS, you will never look back. It is a rocket that handles extremely well.

  5. Teterboro to Charles De Gaulle non-stop? The Longitude. And auto-throttle. 'Nuff said.


Very similar tastes we have there. Thanks for contributing :wink:

I don’t have either of the MilViz planes yet but keep hearing good things.

Might just have to get them both. I use the GotGravel realism mod with the Stock Porter. Is MilViz one a lot better all round to be worth the price?

Yea I should have put the F16 in my top 15 for sure!!! Love the way you can throw it around and “drift” it when the speed scrubs off.


Get the Hawk!! :wink:

What is the RV14? Don’t think I’ve heard of it. Got a link please?

My Top 5 in no particular order of ranking…

  1. Kodiak 100
  2. Got Friends Edgley Optica
  3. Just Flight PA28 Turbo Arrow IV
  4. Twin Otter
  5. Milviz PC-6 Porter



Yes, I know I need to get the Hawk, I’m just cheap, waiting for it to go on a 30% sale. :grinning:

The Van’s RV-14 is being developed by Simworks Studios. It is due any time now.


Most flown recently, although there are a few on the horizon that may change this, (Concord, 737, Trislander for example):

  1. AS Twin Otter
  2. SW Kodiak 100
  3. MV Corsair
  4. FI Spitfire
  5. JF Warrior (that is what I fly for real)

Honourable mention the new Goose, but has some really obvious issues that could have been spotted in testing, also no detailed documentation of Auto Gyro. Still great though.


In order, Kodiak, P-38, Spitfire, MB-339, Default 172.

The first three are waaaaay ahead of the other two. The Kodiak in particular, is a masterpiece in flight modelling and a lesson for other GA aircraft developers (coughCarenadocough) in how to go about coding flight dynamics, and handling.

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  1. Milviz Porter
  2. MB-339
  3. Stearman
  4. C337 Skymaster
  5. Twin Otter

FBW X 5 :slight_smile: its amazing what a quality you can get and all for free…