Your TOP Airport Addons

I did for a couple minutes LOL. I use the West Europe server as well so i thought hey let me spawn somewhere in NZ to see if he’s there and lord behold there you were with the breezer LOL.

Haha awesome. Trying Breezer for first time too :slight_smile:

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Oops! I copied one of your entries as template and then neglected to fully edit this one. Apologies

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Yeah, that airport is one of the greats, and good fun even after forced Sergio to remove the nudie calendar :wink: However, when I spawned there a couple of weeks ago, there was a pretty major glitch in the surrounding terrain, with ugly sheer cliff faces instead of more undulating mountains. Are you seeing that as well (can’t tell from the screenshots)?

I was a bit later on the scene so I never saw the calendar.

Glitches/artefacts: I just took a quick flight and did not see anything like that. It was just as beautiful as ever. Rather overcast and I even picked up some light rain sprinkles plus a bonus rainbow or two! Still a pity images on the forum are limited to 1920 x 1080: looks so much better in 4K!

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How does Sergio’s LSZS compare to the Orbx one?

Well I had the Orbx one on my shopping list but after seeing the SDR one for myself yesterday there is no point buying it so I’m saving a few quid and put it towards something else.

The SDR one may differ slightly but it’s so nice anyway that it hardly matters (to me). No artefacts in the mountains here either that I saw, so maybe it was something else causing it?

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I picked up Rhodes. Pricey but worth it. It’s a beautiful airport and importantly fantastically optimised too. Getting 45fps locked there, both on startup, and landing too. They’ve also done a great job with the military airport and the island itself. I also picked up Billund as well, which someone else mentioned. Also similarly excellent.

I will definitely pay good money for scenery that is well optimised, and looks the part.

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I bought Goodwood (Burning Blue Design) but had to get a refund. My system can’t handle it. Massive shame because it does look fantastic. Probably one of if not THE best I’ve yet seen in terms of details.

Sorry to hear that. I have their Denham aerodrome one, it’s a smaller one but nicely detailed.

That reminds me, I started to put another little list together. Here it is:

Goodwood // UK // EGHR // Burning Blue Design // Payware

Download: Goodwood Aerodrome - Burning Blue Design

Quite possibly the richest detailed airfield I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately a bit too richly detailed for my system so I had to get a refund but don’t let that put you off if you have a decently powerful computer, you’ll love it. So many nice bits and bobs including cars racing around the racetrack and one doing donuts on the skid pan. Absolutely packed with things to see, with Goodwood House and the horse race track also. Massive shame I can’t fly into it (goes down to 15fps when facing the main hangars, 27 at best when facing away) but I’ll definitely buy it again when I get a new machine or if I hear they optimised it. I have read a few others complaining of this on their Discord, even with high-end machines (12700k / 3080 / 3090) so don’t know what’s going on.


Bodmin // UK // EGLA // Burning Blue Design // Payware

Download: Bodmin Airfield - Burning Blue Design

Bought this at same time as Goodwood and it runs fine. No issues with performance at all but it is a considerably smaller airfield with less going on.

I was previously using the freeware one by Pilotraf83 ( which is also VERY good and accurate but this BBD version is quite a lot nicer with properly terraformed and sculpted land and a bit nicer buildings and textures all round. Good price too.

It’s not a SPECTACULAR airport or anything, but it has a bit of a bigger meaning to me personally as I’m due to take a real flight from here in a C172 soon (not taking off or landing, but still nice to have it in the game!), so I want to learn it as much as possible and get in the mood in case I catch the bug in real life and want to take on lessons, this would be my “local” airfield to do it from :smiley:


Selway Lodge // USA // ID53 // wolfmanslack // Free

Download: ID53 Selway Lodge, Idaho, USA » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Also available in this “Idaho & Oregon bush strips pack” by Kronzky: Bush strips in Idaho & Oregon » Microsoft Flight Simulator

This inserts a new ICAO point in the sim and is a very interesting approach. Check out this real video of an Islander coming in to land, then go try it yourself!!

More to come…. :slight_smile:


Mate, on the subject of Goodwood, perhaps it’s poorly optimised.

I have actually noticed that at Denham (I get 20-30fps when normally I get 45) and I believe I have a reasonably high(ish) end machine (i7 12700, 3070ti) so I’m sure it’s not your PC.

It’s the UK photogrammetry around London stretching over all his airports. Nothing you can do. And the fact that his airports are extremely detailed doesn’t make things better.

The further north you go in the UK (Glasgow etc) the more things get cleaned up. Or you can escape to the south west (land’s end etc…).

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It’s a shame as they’re great sceneries.

Asobo really need to do something about optimising that better.

Buy his Martha’s Vineyard and you don’t have to worry about that. Plus it’s a gorgeous location (Cape Cod, use to live there and i’ve been to that island!).

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A great topic and I’ll contribute later. Just a remark for @ScarsStitches : LFBO Toulouse Blagnac was developed for Flightbeam by JetStream Designs. I agree that it’s absolutely beautiful airport addon. I will probably buy the rest of their airports eventually. They specialize in french and italian airports.

JetStream Designs (


Spent £35 today on Rhodes and Billund already :joy:

Well if you didn’t tell me i wouldn’t have known. Just scrolled down and the credit for Jetstream was tucked way below on the store page without any mention of them in the description or anywhere else. Even the title does not mention “by Jetstream designs”. So if i didn’t read that little line down there just now i wouldn’t have known.

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I also found out recently. Actually when one of my favourite developers Flightbeam Studios had some summer sale in their own shop and there it is declared much clearer that this airport was developed by JetStream Designs. Anyway, I love that airport and I mostly fly Fenix to/from there as I always think flying a Boeing to the Airbus home airport feels a bit cheeky :smile:


That’s trolling at its finest :slight_smile: