Your TOP Airport Addons

It is partly my PC but this one is particularly bad (unusable, even when I put both LoDs to 10!).

I asked on their Discord if they would consider making a thinned out “lite” version available as an option for those that are struggling (just delete some of the smaller objects and half the parked planes, but keep enough stuff to retain the atmosphere) and they said not gonna happen. :frowning:

Did you see on their Discord that they have already issued a new version with much less detail in the trees, static aircraft, oil stains etc? Supposedly boosts FPS by at least 10. Pity it’s too late for you if you already got the refund, but thanks for making them listen. Will probably buy it now (but really hanging out for their Solent to be released in December).

Yes I did see that, thanks! Bit of a turn around from the previous “conversations” I was having (or trying to have…) there! Guess the problem was indeed real and not “just me with my ultra low end system” lol

Bergen, Flesland // ENBR // Norway // WombiiActual // Free

Download: ENBR Bergen Airport - Flesland » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Nicely detailed and heart to an amazing region to explore the rugged landscape full of very pretty towns, villages and fjords.

House colours are so cute and loads of churches everywhere.


I second that. Wombiiactual made and makes som excellent freeware airport that are updated frequently. Can recommend looking at the other creations Wombiiactual has on ENBR surely deserves to be on this list.

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Care to add any of your WombiiActual collection? :wink:


ENSH, Svolvær - Norway - WombiiActual. Freeware
Regional airport in a stunning area of the world. There is a payware product of the airport available, but this freeware version is way better.
ENSH - Svolvaer airport, Helle » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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I have quite a bit of these greatest hits, and FlyTampas Las Vegas being a hero for adding an AREA, not just an ‘airport’. A few others:

A wonderful bang-for-the-buck is Paulo Ricardo’s Santos Dumont SBRJ. Although not super high-fidelity it’s what’s NOT listed in the pack is the amount of scenery it includes. It essentially completely rebuilds Rio De Janeiro, with frame-friendly buildings, docks, additional ships, an aircraft carrier, oil rig, updated bridges, a cable car system to sugarloaf, and a ton more. It’s truly massive in the makeover. Also, Global Shipping is heavy on traffic there, so if you have it too when you’re on the tarmac there is always some ship steaming by the airport during your checklist and the harbor is packed full, doesn’t need a special expansion pack, just the standard version. Without PG on, looks great too, there’s enough modeled by hand there no need to melt the city with PG.

That being said St Marteens by Airworthy Designs is excellent too with Princess Juliana and Grand Case. With MSFS’s unusually excellent modeling of St Barth and Saba, there is TONS to see there. Again, with Global Shipping’s updated mod for that area, island hopping around there is magnificent. You can hop around with the BN2 making taxi runs and it darn near feels like you MOVED there. Without PG on looks fantastic.

KSAN San Diego by LatinVFR is another with a ton of additional scenery, also adds an aircraft carrier in the harbor and looks great(maybe even better) without PG on.

KFLL Hollywood/Ft Lauderdale again by LatinVFR, excellent airport, ton of additional scenery including the fantastic Port Everglades, with ships at station whether you have GS or not.

KFLL is great for hops to KEYW Key West by FSDreamteam, which includes an updated FT Jefferson and Loggerhead lighthouse for a seaplane romp.

Which also flies you over LatinVFR(again)'s KMIA Miami with rebuilt downtown Miami and surrounding areas/ports/South beach.

I like the ones that add to the surrounding areas for what many charge for just a few buildings at a remote airport.

DrZ’s KDCA and Washing DC being the most comprehensive changeover, these others far exceed their mainstream ‘airport only’ pricing.


Hey thanks for the nice list :slight_smile:

Yea me too - always prefer those to put my money into as it enhances not just the airport but something new to look at AFTER you take off too :slight_smile:

Anyway, all these are added to the Document now and re-ordered the ranks (as you mentioned a few that were listed, so some positions changed). Here is the link:

I have Flightbeam’s KDEN (my home Airport). It’s phenomenal. Even has “Blucifer”. :wink:

FlyTampa’s Las Vegas pack. The “City” is great. The Airport still causes CTD’s even after SU10. And after having searched around, FT has no interest in fixing. (Xbox).

I definitely plan on picking up KDCA from Drzewiecki and KLAX from Inibuilds once it releases.

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does anyone know what happened to Gaya? Their Airports are amazing. I would love to see Munich and Zurich.

They make all those bespoke airports for world updates, so I guess they are fully occupied with that. I have their LOWW and it’s phenomenal.

Can’t believe I made it 111 posts into this and didn’t see this one mentioned once…

London Gatwick // EGKK // mkvy // Freeware

Not just payware-level quality for free… high end payware-level quality for free. EVERYTHING is customized – down to the caps on the in-ground fuel pipes that the pump trucks hook up to. Simply a spectacular effort in every way possible. For free. (Also comes in three flavors, depending on how much detail you want. Go for the Ultra Full Edition – trust me.)

Everything in Greater San Diego Except for KSAN // KMYF KOKB KRNM KSEE KSDM KTRM L08 // Vincent Bazillio (vbcorp) // Freeware

Very impressive freeware airports with a great level of detail… and mostly using stock assets, believe it or not. Lots of little bits and bobs to make the airports feel more alive. He also did a version of L52 Oceano if you want to fly up to SLO county…

Boston Logan International // KBOS // FlyTampa // Payware

As this is my local airport, I can attest that it’s a strikingly accurate version of the airport. And given how atrocious the stock Logan is… this should be packaged with every version of MSFS sold from here on out, just on principle.

Basically everything else from FlyTampa // YSSY KLAS CYYZ LGAV LGKR EKCH // FlyTampa // Payware

They’re the best. End of story.

Madrid Barajas International // LEMD // LatinVFR // Payware

The world update version of LEMD is really well done. This is better.

Stuff that’s already been mentioned
I’ll second the Pyreegue Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Belfast airports, and the New Zealand stuff from NZA. All terrific.


Thanks for the comprehensive list! Doc has been updated. Las Vegas’ chips have come in and it jumps to the top alone, with 5 votes now!

Stick another one in for FT’s Vegas, it’s a clear winner and deserves it.

Adelaide / YPAD / Impulse Simulations / payware

This is a really beatifully modelled airport, one of the best I’ve got, even if I am biased being local. It’s a multiple award winning airport in real life and the most central major international airport in Australia so a great place to fly from.

Not just the airport is modelled, so are the surrounding shopping areas including ikea and even a Bunnings sausage sizzle.

Sadly I can’t recommend it to xbox users as since SU9 and still with SU10 it’s a guaranteed CTD which is such a shame. I don’t blame the developers, they’ve tried to fix it but Asobo just don’t give them the tools to diagnose it and anyway it used to work before SU9. If you’re on PC though check it out.

Barcelona / LEBL / LVFR / payware

This is a well modelled Barcelona (not the prettiest airport though) and it also includes some modelling of the city and especially cleans up the port area, goes well with the Iberia world update and in a great location to explore southern Europe.

This one often crashes on xbox too. Heck, nearly all of the 3rd party airports do so probably just save your money instead.

You can probably tell I’m a sucker for airports which improve the surrounding area. What’s the point flying to a nice looking airport if the area nearby doesn’t look good too?

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I think this is my first post on this subject, so here goes;
1 EGPY : Old Park Farm near Margam House, near my own house, I only discovered this Airfield after I flew over it in the Sim. It’s a beautiful Freeware by Whitehawk77
2 EGHC : St Just My favourite Superspud offering and he has a lot of quality offerings. Just delete the Asobo WU3 version and install this, it is SO much better.
3 LOIJ : St Johann by Sven Schill there’s also a version by Sergio Del Rosso, both are superb but Svens just nipped it at the post for me.
4 EGEO Oban Scotland a beautiful Airfield in a beautiful setting not far from Eileen Donan Castle for a low slow flyby…
5. UGUW RAF Wattisham by Tag21 because he rolled it back from AAC to RAF and has Phantoms and Lightnings on the pan, also because I lived here as the 60’s ended and whenever I land here I can almost hear the thunder of the mighty Speys and Avons again, smell the Avtur and hear the sonic booms. A fantastic place to grow up in.

There are so many other Artists, and I do mean artists, working on this sim, Skell300, Littlekrg, Troglodytus, Sven Schill Sergio, Vincent Bazillio, Tag21.
As mentioned above Mkvy has set himself a task to make a 100% authentic Gatwick, he’s also doing a step by step with Heathrow. He’s like the Davinci of MSFS.


Thanks for that list, Almond :wink:
I grabbed a couple that I missed before (your number 1 and 4)!

That’s why I like this topic :smiley:

Now if only I could get rid of the massive freezes I’m still getting, mainly in South and West UK / Wales. I hoped SU10 would have fixed it but nope, it’s still the same :frowning: I don’t think it’s any particular or combo of mods… maybe the South Oak Birds as I don’t seem to have those freezes in areas I didn’t buy birds for but it could be (probably is) coincidence. Suppose I will try the Nvidia Studio Driver today as well to rule that out…

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Until Fly Tampa fixes the CTD’s with their Vegas airport on Xbox I will stay away from purchasing any of their other products. This has been an issue way too long now and is unusable which is a shame.


I’ve just counted that since the MSFS release I have purchased 94 addon airports to this day. Wow, I haven’t expected that even myself. But shh, don’t tell my wife :smile:

Here are some of my favourites and I guess it won’t be surprising as most of them are just “the usual suspects”:

Boston // KBOS // USA // FlyTampa // Payware

Ok, someone said that FlyTampa are the best and I’m not going to argue. I just think the same. I own all their sceneries except Corfu and they all could make it to this list. I chose Boston because I just love that place and it’s their latest big airport project.

Auckland // NZAA // New Zealand // Flightbeam Studios // Payware

Everybody is talking about Wellington and yes, it’s awesome. Partly it’s also because of its location with absolutely stunning approaches. But I consider Auckland their masterpiece. A big airport with modelled interiors. It’s just beautiful.

Belfast // EGAA // UK // Pyreegue Dev Co. // Payware

This ukrainian developer just made it to the top league of MSFS scenery developers. And Belfast is imho his best to this date.

Toulouse - Blagnac // LFBO // France // JetStream Designs // Payware

I just love this airport, not only because you can see Airbus factory nearby but also the overall quality of the scenery. I also like the location near Iberian Peninsula. Ideal for shorter flights to Spain and Portugal.

Washington // KDCA // USA // Drzewiecki Design // Payware

Yeah, the river approach. There are absolutely breathtaking approaches to this airport near the Washington centre, let alone the airport scenery itself. This polish developer never disappoints.

Lisbon // LPPT // Portugal // MK-Studios // Payware

Portugal is one of my favourite european countries and I like flying there. And not only continental Portugal but also Azores and Madeira. This is a very nicely done airport with a beautiful approach, especially from the south.

Vienna // LOWW // Austria // Gaya Simulations // Payware

It’s a bit shame that Gaya are occupied by making handcrafted airports for Asobo World Updates. Those are mostly their “light” products with fewer details. Vienna is on the other hand their “full” product and it looks so great!

Oslo // ENGM // Norway // hergi1234 // Freeware

I wanted to list at least one freeware scenery, though I prefer payware products for stability reasons. But there are a few freeware projects that could be easily payware in term of quality. Someone already mentioned Gatwick. Well, Oslo ENGM is about the same league. It’s very nice and also good performancewise.

That’s it. Thanks to Baracus250 for another very interesting topic.

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Whoa, that is a lot hahaha. I won’t say a word :smiley:

Almost as many as on the entire list now (105 since adding your new ones).

Thanks! Well it has served it’s purpose to me already in highlighting a few great freebies that I have installed now, and a few paywares added to my ever growing MSFS shopping list :smiley:

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