“Your topic is similar to…”

… none of the suggested topics — ever!

I wish this useless presentation of AI would be something I could turn off permanently.

It’s an annoyance and I have to clear it to be able to see the preview of the not-similar-in-any-way topic that I am composing.


This notification is there to inform you “hey something exists that looks like what you’re typing” with a few examples as an incentive to search for similar content. If there’s more content a “see more” link is there.

You may suggest a user suppression of this here (for those who wish to disable it):

I fully understand why it exists. That isn’t the issue. The issue is that it never, ever is able to suggest anything even close to what I’m starting a topic about. In fact, most often they couldn’t be more different and wrong.


I have removed the tag #forum-meta as this is for forum guides. :+1:

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This feature actually kept me from posting a duplicate once, so I’m glad it’s there. It’s a simple tap of the Escape key to get rid of it if there’s really nothing there that helps.

I find it annoying when someone posts a bug and it’s merged into old threads: posted in 2020/2021 in many cases, detailing low hanging fruit bugs that haven’t been fixed or even acknowledged or “bug logged” by the devs/community managers in ~2 years.

Are users not allowed to make new topics about issues long overdue for a fix? If the community has been asking for a basic fix for over a year, it should be fair game for discussion.

While I’m on this soap box I’ll give an example; the obnoxious “new” tags that plague the world map and reset with every SU. There’s a multi-year thread full of users begging for a fix. A simple “clear new” button on the world map that has been completely ignored.


No. Keeping a single topic about a bug is organized. Merging posts into an older thread bumps that thread date. When topics do get logged, they are pushed up directly from that topic into Azure Devs Ops and if there’s multiple topics it’s extra work on the entire team. Duplicate topics make it difficult to users to know which to post in.

:small_blue_diamond:Creating Duplicate Threads

Creating multiple threads on the same topic does not make it more likely that your post will be seen. It does make it more likely you will irritate and confuse your fellow forum users.

If a member is found to have participated in such actions, they will:

  • Receive a formal warning from the moderator staff
  • Post will be closed and deleted

Moderators spend the most time handling duplicates and miscatagorized topics/posts.

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Speaking of tags, how about enforcing topics about XBox to use the XBox tag so those of us who have hidden that won’t see it.

This is already done. The platform is required in all profiles. However, before this was required, there are still some users who have not updated their profile.

When it’s in their profile, it automatically fills in the tag.

However, this doesn’t prevent someone from deleting the tag.

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How about giving Xbox users their own forum? If Xbox users must tag their posts, PC users should be held to the same rule.

All platforms are required in profiles and automatically filled in when creating new topics where the tag is required.

As this is going off-topic and the OP’S question has been answered, closing.