Youtube Channel 100% about MSFS 2020 [ElNinoDelAvion]

Heeeeelllooo!!! I just started a Youtube Channel about Flight Simulator. (YES, another guy with a Channel), I’ve spent hours and hours making videos and no reward after all.

If you are interesed in Flight Simulator, please take a look and make It happens!

Critics are also welcome to improve.
Thanks for comming and thanks for your time.

Best Flights!!!


Heeeelllooo!!! I have a new video about MSFS 2020. It’s an FPS Benchmark with all the 30 aircrafts.

:point_right: John F. Kennedy Airport – RWY 22R
:point_right: Clear Skies – 09:00 a.m.
:point_right: Multiplayer OFF

:point_right: ULTRA Settings – 1920 x 1080
:point_right: Default Cockpit View
:point_right: Engines & Avionics ON
:point_right: Wait 30 seconds from load to stabilize then 30 seconds to get the FPS Benchmark
:point_right: Final results & Statistics

Hope it’s useful for you!

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Heeelloooo!!! Uploaded new video about how to install and news in the update. This video is explained in Spanish trying to help that people in Spain and Central & Latin America. Hope it helps!
Best Flights!

Hello from Spain! New video uploaded about LANDING CHALLENGE.
Could somebody tell me how the scoring system works? It’s incomprehensible!

Hello from Spain! I just launch my last video about a freeware scenery of Lisbon City. In addition I make a Side by Side comparison to check what is different between them.
If you like it I leave the download link in the video description.
This freeware includes several POI from the city that improves the MSFS 2020 default one.
Check it because it’s quite good!

Dear friends :airplane: I’d like to share this video about the best freeware addons to analyze yours landings.
I test two tools explaining how to install and setup. Comments are very welcome. I hope it helps!
Yes, it’s in Spanish but you can understand easily just watching it.

Hello from Spain. I want to share a video with all news and how-to install patch

Right, the video is in Spanish, but you can understand mostly because it’s very graphical and intuitive.

Below you can find the chapters included so you can see at a glance if this content can be useful for you.

Thanks a lot!


00:00 Intro

00:34 Dolphin Dance (Typical Spanish Paso Doble)

00:50 Top Bugs & Wishlist

01:35 Night lighting vs

02:02 BYE “Press any key to start”

02:13 How to switch between Metric and US standard units

02:41 How to deactivate Cockpit Tooltips

03:26 How to install the new patch (step by step)

04:48 Other important stuff in this update

05:46 Subscribe & Channel’s videos

Hi from Spain. Look at the new Halloween Landing Challenge on Flight Simulator. Let’s bet, did I finish in the Top 100? Comments are very welcome. Thanks!

Heeellooo from Spain I’d like to share my new video about dangerous airports, a series of videos where I will show you the most dangerous approaches from not famous airports.

Comments are very welcome!

Best Flights!

Hi my friends! I’d like to share a video about the last Flight Simulator 2020 Update, patch

There is a brief tutorial about how-to install step by step where most of the installation problems are solved here.

Yes, the video is in Spanish but you can understand mostly because it’s very graphical and intuitive.

This video takes a lot of hours and hard work to be done, recording, edition, testing, etc. If it helps you, please write me a comment. Best Flights!

:exclamation:This is the freakiest video that I’ve ever made :exclamation: The Lord Of The Rings vs Flight Simulator.

I have selected some of the scenes from the movies and searched for them in the simulator. What do you think?


Hello from Spain. I have made a video tutorial of IFR for Amateurs (in Spanish), with Flight Plan by SIMBRIEF and navigation charts (SID & STAR). It’s a 2 hours video so you have the chapters in the description to jump into your preferred moments.

I hope it helps to all that people that landing into Flight Simulation for the first time.

Thanks and regards.

Hello mates! This is a quick sumary about most :+1: liked :+1: videos of 2020 in my channel. This is a small channel that started in september and just in 3 months we have reach :one::five::zero::zero: subscriptions. So thank you for your support.

I’m already working on new content to be launched on 2021, where I Will show more about my motion platform for Flight Simulator :airplane:, new tutorials :mortar_board:, raffles and start with streaming gameplays.

Happy New Year 2021 and BYE to this awful 2020!!!

Mates, this Video is a whole VFR Tutorial :mortar_board: & LITTLE NAVMAP Tutorial in Spanish. I hope you enjoy it!

Hi mates! This is a spanish video about REPLAY MODE for Flight Simulator 2020. It’s payware but totally worth it. It’s a whole tutorial with several examples about the drone camera. In addition, you can win a free licence for this addon. To join the raffle, just write “EL FARY ES DIOS” in the comments. I will contact the winner next friday, 12. Hope you enjoy it.

Hi Mates! In this video I show the winner of the giveaway for the replay addon FS PLAYGROUND. The winner must send me his email in a private message so I can send him the code to activate the license. Thanks so much everyone for join the raffle and see you the next one.

:point_right: Hi Mates! This is a brief summary about the World Update 3 from Flight Simulator. I hope it helps.


Hi, Pilots! ¿What kind of peripherals I use in my Setup and which ones do you need to improve your Setup? Whole explanation in this video.

Hi pilots :airplane:
In this video you can watch one of the best secrets of Flight Simulator 2020: How to set the Tower View (Spanish Voice but understable). A quick tutorial where I explained it all. Best wishes!

Hi Pilots! This is Carlos from Spain. Do you want to learn or improve your IFR Flights? In this video I bring you a Navigraph + Simbrief Tutorial. It’s in Spanish but perhaps it can help you. Thanks in advance!