YSSY and trees

While I appreciate this is a FlyTampa issue, I was wondering if others have experienced and fixed this. I’ve registered on the FlyTampa forum but still waiting to get access. I’ve also checked other related comments about the issue without any success.

The Issue: FlyTampa YSSY Scenery for MSFS. Trees on the runway about mid way 16R/34L, Trees on several of the taxiways, trees on the approach for 34L.

I’ve previously had the double tower that was corrected by removing the Asobo YSSY scenery. I also have the Orbx Sydney Cityscape scenery. In addition, I have re-installed the YSSY Flytampa airport without any change.

Has anyone encountered this issue and found a fix please?

Regards, Paul

Possibly try taking everything out of your community folder except FT Sydney and see if the issue is still there. Sometimes some other outside addon can be adding the trees to your scenery.

Good point. I’ll try and advise.

Sometimes season mods or tree mods can interfere with airport scenery addons. Removing them from community folder can identify the issue.

Removed all but Orbx Sydney Cityscape, FlyTampa YSSY, Jabiru aircraft and CJ4 Working Mod. All other scenery removed.

Trees remain …

I would contact Orbx to see if they can help you since those trees are probably hard coded in the scenery made by them.

I’m waiting to log a job with Flytampa. I purchased from them.


Try this - MSFS Sydney - Trees on Runway - FlyTampa

Yeah. That’s the post I want to add to but I’ve registered to the forum and awaiting on approval to add content. I’ve tried all the suggestions but no luck yet.

This is what I’m talking about …

Do you have bing data and photogrammetry set to ON ? Do that if they’re not

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I don’t know what turned it off but it was off. Simply turning it on fixed the issue.


Delete the Asobo YSSY airport in the sim if you own the ORBX version - this fixed the tree issue for me.

Actually, the issue was that Bing Data had turned off. Once turned on, the trees were gone. I had previously removed the Asobo custom YSSY.

Just stumbled across this thread as I’m getting trees around the taxiways/runways at FlyTampa YSSY Sydney as well. Its not as bad as the OP’s and I only get them in a couple of spots which makes me think there is an issues with the exclude. Things I’ve tried.

  1. Confirmed BING data and photogrammetry are set to ON (i’ve cycled them both)
  2. Removed Asobos YSSY (although have tried leaving it in place as well)
  3. Tried adjusting the order in content.xml without success.
  4. Removed all content from the community folder
  5. Rebuild the content.xml without success


  • Both the default and handcrafted YSSY do not give trees
  • If I layer the handcrafted over the top of the Fly Tampa there are no trees.
  • Removing the handcrafted so that the only scenery that’s active is FlyTampas gives me trrees around the edges of the 16R/34L runway.

Anybody got any other troubleshooting tips? I’ll try posting over the FlyTampas forums but their support is useless.