Zendesk Download Assistance

Despite having a fairly modern computer, designed and built by Chillblast for flight simulation, an updated 2080 Super graphics card and a Windows system that is kept up to date, I always experience problems with updates. Now I accept that my Internet connection is not super fast at around 10Mbps, but its the best I can get in the countryside. The update download speeds are incredibly slow, normally at around 1 or 2 Mbps and invariably the download crashes and then restarts. Zendesk always replies to queries, but the answers are stock and always the same, check and update windows, switch off any security programs, apply the TCP fix… It is not a personalised service. The end result is the recommendation to uninstall and reinstall the sim. I tried that with last month’s update and it took me over two weeks to re-download everything, because suddenly - possibly after the update rush is over, the download system speeds up and I am back in the game. So at the moment I can fly for about one to two weeks every month, until the next update comes along.
I am not complaining about the Sim itself, even though there are obviously outstanding issues, Asobo have done an outstanding job in replicating the world. But however beautiful and realistic it is, if you cannot download the updates and fly then ultimately it is useless. Because of these continuing issues I believe MSFS is not a satisfactory system, and I would hesitate to recommend this flightsim to anyone else because of the continued problems I am experiencing. The current update came out on the 12th and I started downloading immediately. Its now the 15th and I am stuck on base-cgl-0.1.62.fspatch.002. I have been stuck on that for two days. The download is showing 0% and 0.03 Mbps. Yesterday I had downloaded 10% of it but it seems to be stuck in a loop and I am not making progress. I must add that despite my relatively slow download speed I manage to update Windows and my other flightsim programs without issue, albeit at a relatively slow pace. I only have a serious issue with MSFS.
So finally my wish.
Zendesk should be able to offer the option, to users who apply to them with a download issue, of supplying a link to a server with the appropriate file(s) , so that the problem file can be manually downloaded, unzipped, and inserted into the appropriate folder. I don’t think this would be particularly arduous, or the system abused, as most people will readily update using the normal system and will not waste time applying to Zendesk. But for those of us who have problems with downloads, this would be a practical solution.

I am also in this position where the application crashes before a package is completely downloaded I don’t have particularly fast internet but Flight Sim is downloading at a quarter the speeds of steam. If their download application didn’t add hours to my play time, I would of refunded it before ever getting to experience what the game is like. I’ve been trying to leave it running but after 5-6 days I’m not sure what to do.

On an initial install, I got the download going and the stated download rate was reasonable – 60+ mbps. I left it for four hours, and came back to find it on item 4/260…and constantly starting over, and hence making no progress.

The only answer I found was to install NetLimiter and throttle back the download speeds to an absurd 2-4 mpbs. That’s 3-5 days for the 90GB required.

So, the issue, for me, isn’t a slow download speed, but one that seems TOO FAST for the…compiler (?..I don’t know what I’m talking about here…) to cope with.

If there’s a way to fix this, great…otherwise, I’d LOVE a boxed DVD set!