Zoom using an axis control

MSFS doesn’t really allow an axis to control camera zoom. It treats the axis as two buttons, one to continually zoom in, the other to continually zoom out.

I’ve written an application that allows the use of an axis to control zoom in MSFS. It can control the cockpit camera, the external camera, or both.

I’m relatively new to Microsoft Flight Simulator, but a proper zoom axis makes a big difference to how usable the sim is for me.
Feel free to give it a go. I can’t guarantee it’ll work on your system, but it works for me.



I’ve updated this application to version 1.2, adding support for curves. I use curves to:

  • Restrict how far out I can zoom. I don’t need or want an ultra-wide fish-eye zoom level.
  • My throttle has a detent on the axis I use for zooming. I use curves to set the zoom level at this “default” axis position.

It can be downloaded here:



This looks really interesting. I’ll try it out later today when I have some time to fire up the Sim.

Can you solve the issue of the same name controls?
For example, the T16000 Thrustmaster with the throttle has “Slider” both for Throttle and Stick, it does not start for the throttle.
Any way you can maybe make an abstraction layer with different names? Maybe with ID in brackets?
Like Slider (0x0001) Slider (0x002)

I think the problem may be that your device implements the first slider as an Absolute Axis and the second slider as a proper Slider rather than as an absolute axis under directinput.(Most devices use Absolute Axes where possible, because Slider handling is a little janky under directinput).

I’ve put in slider support, you can download the latest version of the app (1.2.2) and see if your second slider is recognised now. It may be named “Slider” or “Dial”.

Brilliant - it works for me on Windows 11 with MSFS 2020 as of 20 Feb 2024 @ 20.27h. My grateful thanks.

Thank you @pdep264 , it’s good to hear it’s working well for you. I think it’s strange MSFS doesn’t yet have this functionality itself!

This is really awesome! Got so used to using the slider on my Win Wing in DCS for zoom that it felt really awkward trying to use the default zoom behavior in MSFS. Thanks for this, really appreciate it! :+1: