Zooming In + Out Messes Up Frequently

I am needing some assistance. I have tried googling this issue but it didn’t turn up much. Sometimes, when I am zooming in and out with the scroll wheel, it just suddenly stops working. This mainly happens while in flight. So this gets quite annoying when I need to zoom in to check an instrument and I just can’t. The only way to fix it is by moving around a bunch and it eventually comes back for a little bit. Anyone know a fix or is this a known issue?

I opened the Camera tab from the drop down and I can see that every time I try to zoom in or out, it does change the zoom level, but it instantly jumps right back to where it was stuck.

All drivers are updated and no other controller is controlling the zoom level, its only on the mouse scroll wheel.

Do you use FSRealistic. It causes zooming issues for me.

Yep I sure do and I just figured it out. It IS FSRealistic. All you have to do is disable the “overspeed” effect and it fixes the zooming issues!

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Oh nice spot. I always end up disabling the whole thing then back on again. Will apply your fix :slightly_smiling_face:

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