- how to fly again

Hi guys, this is to put a temporary cap on the mess made by ASOBO,

for those who do not chew files or directory, you can find all the guides you want on YouTube

the location of the files changes based on the type of installation you have done

Look for the flight_model.cfg file (in the aircraft directory, it is the same for all ex: A32NX / SimObjects / AirPlanes / Asobo_A320_NEO / flight_model.cfg

Look for the line:
now is:
lift_coef_ground_effect_mach_table = 0.0565: 1.25
change to:
lift_coef_ground_effect_mach_table = 0.0: 1.10, 1.0: 1.10
Repeat for all your airplane

This should fix the ground effect on take off and landing, don’t touch anything else if you don’t know what to touch and how it impacts the aircraft aeredinamics

Hope it helps, good luck


Or use the enhanced flight physics package found on flightsim.to for ease of use.

A curiosity,
many have noticed that the 787 is the only plane that has benefited from this mess
in fact if you check it, is the only one missing flight_model.cfg file
I have no idea how it can fly :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


one question: does this also work in the improvment mod of the TBM ?
There is also a flight_model.cfg.

This woud it make much easier for me, because I only use this plane and I don´t need to finger in the original files :wink:

I can’t tell you, I don’t have 3-part planes or mods
but I think it’s worth taking a look at the flight_model.cfg file in the respective directory
they tell me that 3 part planes often take the game’s base planes file to fly

Thank you realy bether 90%… on the TBM930 aso on her new Mod.

best regards

Hello maybe you could help me I was never able to update to and thus getting the UK update maybe some of you could help me!


but I can tell you it works also with the improvement-mod for the TBM 930.

Good chance that some write a mod for all the planes.

Strange thing also are the flaps, before the update I had to throttle near full power at full flaps, now there is nearly no slowing down on full flaps.

Landing was sucessful-thats all I need-for now. :wink:

:+1:You are welcome

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@URAGANOdiPIOMBO Thank you !

Can you please check what i can do on the TBM 930 Flaps on the flight_model.cfg ?

best regards

I found out on the cfg

lift_coef_flaps = 0.60000

helps for the TBM930

please test it.

best regards

Because it’s files are encrypted. The file is there but you can’t see or edit it.

The only thing that has changed in the recent update to the flight model is the flaps were made more efficient. So the only thing that has to be changed in the modded planes is to reduce the flaps_lift_coefficient. It seems like about half to two-thirds of the current value is what is needed to fix most issues. Don’t go crazy changing things that are not needed.

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Hmm, you don’t have any 3rd party planes or mods, yet you are lifting something from our mod’s flight_model.cfg file and quoting that as a solution to the issue caused by the recent Asobo update? FYI, that particular change has little or nothing nothing to do with the Asobo update, and I wouldn’t recommend making that change for any other airplane. It is meant to work specifically with the A32NX flight model for the A320NEO airplane.

Edit: Just realized that the numbers you quoted were not the final values we ended up with for the A320NX, so I wouldn’t even recommend anyone adopt them for that airplane.


So that’s what you guy meant when you say the planes are encrypted, I don’t understand because I don’t have the premium edition.

I don’t know how the plane behaves in reality, that’s why I don’t touch certain values.
if you are comfortable with these adjustments, great :relaxed:
the problem for me was to adjust the ground effect that prevented landing

Have done both mods which has helped but still taking off at much too low speeds. TBM aircraft.
Any more advice?

apparently is a flaps problem
try to decrease the value:

lift_coef_flaps = 0.3

I also suggest this change
always under [aerodynamics]

lift_coef_ground_effect_mach_table = 0.0 : 1.20, 1.0 : 1.20

keep us informed

Sadly away for a couple of days but will let you know.

I know, it’s not easy, sorry guys
If you don’t chew on these things, forget it and wait for ASOBO

For the Microsoft Store edition AND/OR Gamepass edition:
C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_\LocalCache\Packages\Community`.

For the Steam edition:

C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community`.

For the Boxed edition:

C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\MSFSPackages\Community`.

If the above methods do not work:

  • You can find your community folder by going into FS2020 general options and enabling developer mode. You will see a menu appear on top. Go to tools and virtual file system. Click on watch bases and your community folder will be listed in one of the folders.

I’ll give you my example: C: / MSFS / Official / Steam
Inside “Steam” are folders for all planes