[] No IFR Flight Planning in World Map

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Navigraph not installed. Could be an issue with AIRAC 2108?

After World Update 6, there is no ability to plan IFR route using Victor Low or Jet High routes. No selection of STAR or Instrument Approach when in World Map Flight Planner.

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: Go to World Map to build an IFR flight. After selecting ORIG & DEST, select IFR (Low or High). Only direct routing exists. No selection of STAR or Instrument approach. Tried multiple airports, US and INTL. This is not a location-specific issue.

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Alienware m15 r4
RTX 3080 8 GB Laptop (150 W)
Windows 10 21H1

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You wrote, you have an empty community folder, right? How have you removed the Navigraph cycle - I hope you have removed it via the Navigraph Navdata Center …


I discovered this recently troubleshooting an add-on.

If you want to go back to stock MSFS nav-data you have to uninstall the Navigraph data via Navdata Center. Simply removing the community folder does not work. In fact for me it seemed like less or no data was present when I just removed the Navigraph folder from the community folder.

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Absolutely correct - normally it is not necessary to move anything out of the community folder because the update doesn’t change anything in this folder.

When you discover any issue/CTD you can remove the packages step by step, but it’s a bad and a senseless task to make it before because than you don’t know which package is the bad one.

No idea, who has this idea …

In our case, remove the Navigraph cycle ONLY!!! with the Navigraph Navdata Center and DON"T move/delete it manuelly to avoid such issues.


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Uninstalling and reinstalling the whole sim seems to have fixed the missing navdata.

I think that i just had a corrupted package download.



While you’re here, maybe I can ask you how taxiway naming/numbering works?

There are some airports where in sim ATC offers taxi instructions, but the taxiways in sim differ from official data.


That is the opposite of what Microsoft are saying though. Their guidance is to start by removing everything, then add things back in one at a time. It also seems like the new safe mode will do the same thing, so if the Navigraph data is installed and the sim starts in safe mode it will cause issues.

What else is getting installed other than the Navigraph data in the community folder that requires the Navdata Center to uninstall? I am asking because I manage my add-ons with Add-on Linker and simply remove this Navigraph folder with the click of a button if needed.

Only one thing, but an important one - we edit the content.xml file to disable the stock navdata and to place our navdata at the correct priority wrt the sim and sceneries.

Removing the navigraph-navdata folder only will keep a content.xml file with stock navdata disabled and a reference to a non-existant Navigraph folder.

Navdata Center restores the content.xml file during uninstall.

Deleting content.xml and letting the sim recreate it is a dirty way to restore the stock data without using Navdata Center.

Using the Microsoft/Zendesk guidance of manually clearing Community will unfortunately leave you with no navdata at all.


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Thanks for that, it makes sense.

Right, but the reason why ASOBO/MS is saying this is, that some packages are possible not updated and therefore possible not compatible. The question here is, how should someone test this? What should a 3rd party dev change when he/she doesn’t know what will be changed?

So, in my eyes ASOBO/MS should guarantee that all packages are also working with newer version, because no one can really expect to fix anything every two weeks … Or the second option is, ASOBO/MS offers a beta/test access, which the devs can use to identify possible issues before the official release.

None is in place and please explain me the sense, when someone move hundrets of packages in his community folder out and after the update back, without knowing which package is not updated and results in an issue?

Isn’t it the same, when you move/delete package for package to identify the possible issue?



MS Helpdesk = script = lazy … problem the world over with large conglomerates :slight_smile:

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. And I do not disagree with any of that.

But it is not you or me or even other users that need to be convinced. The instructions are what they are (unless you can convince Microsoft to change them), and safe mode is implemented the way it is.
In either case the user who follows Microsoft’s guidance or has their sim launch in safe mode probably will not know why they have a problem or how to fix it (if they did they would have uninstalled Navigraph navdata according to your instructions instead of just emptying the community folder).

I would humbly suggest you adapt to Microsoft’s approach, whether you agree with it or not, if at all technically possible, to avoid user problems from safe mode or following Microsoft’s troubleshooting instructions. Those user problems will result in user dissatisfaction and/or user support cases that you have to spend resources addressing. If that is not possible for technical reasons then it is what it is.

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même problème que vous , j’ai tout cherché, je crains de tout désinstaller et réinstaller avec les galères connues chez microsoft; Es ce la bonne solution ou vaut il mieux attendre une nouvelle mise à jour ?