-- Update Issue (you do not have enough disk space)

How big is I have 36GB free on my disk (granted, not much), but I cannot pass the installation screen as it says, “Not Enough Disk Space”. What!? No option to uninstall any of the other options (e.g. Locations, aircraft, etc.). However 36G should be sufficient. Any ideas what is happening? And, the install did not go through XBOX yesterday like usual but I distinctly saw that the update wanted to install 1.5G (more typical). Appears something drastic happened. Here is the screen I halt on.

Thanks Mark

just not enough free disc space… its not about how big the update is, it is about whats necessary to install, temp files, etc…

So, may be do windows clean up , etc… possible it helps… Otherwise, or in general, it is time for a new SSD :wink:

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1.5 GB to start with and then 22 GB afterward. You need at least 40 GB of free space for the entire process.

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The same exact problem happened to me when trying to download the su11 update, except I have 44GB of free space on my C drive (where my msfs is installed) yet it’s telling me I do not have enough space. Can anyone please help, thank you.

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I can only recommend to have allways at least 100GIG free disc space… As mentioned, you would wonder how much space your can get if you cleanup windows ( udaptes, save-points, temp files ).
The installer must store files, extract them, install, remove them… All that need space, beside of what the OS itself want.

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I started updating my MSFS SU11 DeLuxe Premium yesterday with constant halts and restarts. Eventually I got to the start screen (the install working through the night). Managed eventually to start a flight. But going to the content manager other installs belonging to the 40th anniversy begin immediately. So I cancel. Then try to update my Canada WU11 (?). That results in the same behaviour as when updating the sim: Constant restarts. I managed to get trough them by disconnecting WAN and reconnecting. Then the update jumped a couple of steps and finally the update was complete. But when shutting down the sim and then start it demands a mandatory update of the sim. This has happened three times now. Is there any solution for this without reinstalling the whole shabang?

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After trying to update to SU11 MSFS has disappeared from Microsoft Store. Is this normal?

You could right click on your C-drive, or wherever you have your FS installed and select disk clean up. There will appear another button. I can’t remember what it says exactly but it suggests an advanced clean up. Choose that one. The amount of old and temp files windows holds onto is high. Windows update installation files, also found here, can be very large.

Minimum of 40. Start purging!

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Thanks for input. I checked. The discs involved are SSD:s and have been checked.

There’s a thread containing advice on deleting fs_base numbered folders that apparently do nothing and save you 40gb, I’m away from my PC now but I have done it with no issues.

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Would it be an option to move a part of MSFS to (external) backup storage, then do the update and then restore the backed up part?

If that’s possible, which part could be moved to backup temporarily?

at least you community folder can you move, it you have some bigger mods.

About the “official” folder I’am not sure, these are just updated at that moment.

I have run the disk cleanup routines. The problem I believe can be mitigated by Microsoft’s FS Team: This is one of the fattest applications/games that consumes one of the largest amounts of disc space than a majority of games, yet…

  1. MSFS does not calculate TOTAL disk space needs as a first step and refuse to install the update till it is available.
  2. MSFS SHOULD TOLERATE DELAYS IN UPDATING! This is unacceptable to partially install, then tell me I have insufficient disk space and effectively preventing me from continuing to play until I can resolve the matter.
  3. REALLY? 40G of the update is really “mandatory”? Mandatory should be operational issues, bugs, etc. ---- Not a slew of new planes and other “40th Anniversary” items.
  4. I would expect a Mandatory Update that has insufficient disc space to permit first an uninstall of one or more of the optional items I’ve installed over time – E.G. Canada update and others.
  5. This is the only program I own (game or otherwise), that forces all updates before continuing. Even Windows 10 allows me to defer updates until I’m ready or able to update.

Hi, thank you in advance for your help.
Since last update my MSFS is offline and can´t get it back online. Suggestions? Many thanks

Settings data online services?

I had this issue too. So, I moved some stuff around (I have 5 SSDs for my audio production work).

Problem is there seemed no way to refresh the screen after clearing space, the only way to do the install was to restart the whole program.

Not a biggie but a little frustrating.

Fixed. Tks.

Ups, not quite. It went back offline

Servers must be having issues today