[] SU15 Beta Survey - Performance (Xbox)

Please indicate your playability of the sim with the following statement - Xbox performance (frames per second) in this build is generally:
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When entering long-haul flight route to 787-10/747-8, then it brings significant stutters and drop of FPS, some time bring black screen or CTD. For example from KJFK to RJAA or EGLL to RJAA.

(On Xbox series X with all world updates installed, all other settings keep on excluding traffic and multiplayer)


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I don’t have an Xbox, so cannot advise you on the stutters & low FPS, but with regard to the CTD’s you can report these in the Sim Update 15 Beta CTDs section of the forum.

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Very nice day for flying in the NE US: Asobo 787-10, American livery, KJFK (Asobo) - KORD (FSdreamteam) live weather on in clear skies, no traffic. Excellent performance with only LVFR Airport Static Traffic in play, no other nearby scenery installed. A/P performed as expected. Aircraft handling on short final through touchdown as expected, no untoward float or yaw tendencies as observed with the v2 Airbus. Flight test passed for fun, performance and stability.


Nice. Do you have any world updates installed btw?

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Xbox series X 4k VRR 120hz (someone told me that VRR can smooth Xbox output so I thought it was worth adding)

I’m getting a reasonable balance of FPS and LoD in the latest Beta build. Although it’s not as smooth as some of the other beta builds I’m happy that the LoD seems to be better.

The SIM is very stable too (no CTDs on Asobo or 1st party planes). :+1:

To give Asobo props - the SIM is better than I ever dreamed of on the Xbox and it’s getting better still with this SU. I’m often stunned - with the exception of ongoing bug fixes just need to sort out quality checking 3rd party airport and plane stability now.


Yes, but not all of them.

Sorry, better than you can dream of is really too much. The Xbox is and will always be a compromise. Today I got a black screen with the new A320 at EDDH (no addon) airport on parking position, apart from the horrible 1/2 second freezed frame every time the camera moved. Don’t get me wrong, the optimization of memory and performance in connection with the LOD is really at a level that has never been seen before. I have only installed all the world updates and don’t have VRR. But the black screen problem has unfortunately prevented me from using Airline on the xbox for long time. Experiencing a BS any time after a certain amount of time is simply a complete waste of time. It’s a shame the sim scratches inside but I love it.


With the exception of the A320neo v2 which is currently quite buggy, I find SU15 beta a Performance win for Xbox Series X. IMO it is release ready without v2, so time will tell where they go with all this extra testing the v2 seems to badly need. There is a big demand for the v2, but it is also turning out to be a big lift in public beta. I have new and different issues with it on every flight I attempt, it’s a handful for me indeed!


I’m getting wierd tile loading. Mostly while taxing and initial climb and final approach. The best way to describe is I see black lines where the titles meets. It’s like the terrain height is off or loading in. This way worse then the bing map tile or LOD pop-in. (Btw I thought the Bing map thing was supposed to be fixed with SU_15).

Anyways, I digress, these mesh tile loading can also cause a real issue if they don’t load in quick enough during takeoff. I have not been able to take off from KMSP 30L without the plane falling into a missing, or not loaded tile, and causing the plane to break. (I’ve tried restarts, reinstalls, I don’t use rolling cache)

I’ve experienced this a quite a bit while mostly at 3rd party airports and the surrounding area during SU_15. It seems to have got worse for me in the last few builds.

Anyone else know what I’m talking about or experienced this?

(I don’t know why I haven’t taken screenshots mostly because it’s in a critical times of flight. I’ll try to do this next time and add to this post.)

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I agree about the 320neo V2. It’s quite buggy and needs fixing. I was referring to what Asobo have achieved on an inexpensive home console (it may be a compromise but it’s still amazing). It’s far beyond what I expected. I also think that this beta could form the basis of a release.

For the beta I mainly used Asobo airports and planes. I also tested PMDG 737 and a couple of quality 3rd party airports. The PMDG plane performed fine in other airports but the combination with EBBR (3rd party) made it chug at low FPS for a short while (it stabilized after a couple of minutes). If they can get 3rd parties to stay within memory size and processing overhead limitations it will help Xbox and PC users alike (not everyone has a 4090!)


I’ve been having this just lately too, if I’m using an add on airport or not. It’s like the scenery isn’t loading in quick enough. I’ve noticed that it does it more when flying over the UK or France. Other countries don’t seem to do it as much. Some flights though are fine, and I don’t get the tiling. More annoying is when it does it at night, and tiles of lights disappear and then re appear on the ground. It still does it even when I’m a long way away from the airport, so you would think memory usage would be quite low on climb and cruise.

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I don’t own a 4090 and can’t afford a PC which has similar power like the xbox sx . But I’ve been playing since the Xbox version of the sim was released and even with the Cessna 172 and absolute standard content the weirdest problems and crashes in all sorts of places happen. Since the release over two years ago I’ve just been waiting for a sim that would allow me to fly VFR with small general aviation aircraft without getting a CTD/BS or strange bugs like sudden loss of engine power… I can honestly say the development team has managed to improve the general gaming experience a lot. But you have to understand frustration has been there for a long time.


Oh yes, definitely a lot of frustration over the years. How many times I was about to throw the towel, I can’t count it. But SU15 so far is a game changer in my opinion. Let’s hope they continue and if possible even further improve the Sim on Xbox.

Offcourse I notice the LOD changes, but it’s way, way, way better then dealing with constant BS and CTD’s all the time. But that’s just my opinion.


Yeah now that you mention it, this does happen at default airports as well and at cruise too. I’ve been mostly flying 3rd party but just took off from KSFO and had it. It’s not always a black line either. I noticed it was can be white as well. I haven’t done any night flights in the current build but that would be annoying and very immersion killing to say the least.

To me this is a really issue, and like you it’s not every where. That could explained why it’s not being reported as much. I also know they don’t recommend test betas with 3rd party and it why I hadn’t said anything yet. But if it is happening not just at 3rd party airports, which it is, then I sure hope this get resolved before public release. I just had seen it reported yet.

Are your flying with live weather and traffic when it happens? I definitely notice it with more complex aircraft, A300, A320V2, but also with PMDG 738.

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No traffic, stock A320, live weather at Pyreegue East Midlands and got stuttering. This was after rebooting Xbox X. Weird, sometimes the sim is near perfect with addon airports, aircraft and real traffic running all at once and then this happens.

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Was there a lot of traffic? I notice the same thing. I can have a completely different experience at the same airport with the same setup.

I’ve been narrowing my guess down to the amount of real world traffic at and in the vicinity at the time. Just a guess but…

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No, I set it up with no traffic at all. Theoretically it should have been smooth as silk but it wasn’t. A bit of a head scratcher.

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And sometimes the game servers that serve up live weather, PG & traffic are busy or overwhelmed? So much hangs on MS game servers that nobody has control over; for example I never enjoy flying on Sundays during football season here in the states. There must be so many gamers of all sorts loading up the game servers. Whatever. But Monday mornings, smooooth!

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General Feedback (so far).
New install of Premium Deluxe, on factory reset Xbox X, with all world Updates, and the only 3rd party content I have loaded is PMDG 737 and liveries for the 787-10, and 737-8.

Very good performance for me so far - the biggest thing I notice is that when flying over terrain, the landscape seems detailed and STABLE - not popping in and out (only very occaisionaly). I think people refer to this as LOD (Level of Detail)? but I think the poppling in and out of “tiles” it really the auto-generated content spawing (or de-spawning) for any given tile.

When there is no popping in and out like that, the landscape starts to feel “real” and you can enjoy flying. When there is popping of tiles, it really breaks immersion. So far, it looks great to me at relatively high altitudes in the Longitude, 787-10, and A320neo V2.

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