1.9.5 and .4 have the best image quality and AA, EVER!

After reading many posts about aliasing, just wanted to give a bit of feedback about this.

I think that most of you experiencing jagged images are having issues with the settings, maybe not saving or not working at all, but regarding image quality, I have to say that 1.9.5 and its predecesor, have the BEST, by far, image quality of all builds I have tested since apha 1!. My FS looks amazing in terms of sharpness but at the same time without any jagged borders or sharpening artifacts (using TAA), even at 100% resolution scaling!!.

I’m not a big fan of having sharpening filter on by default (I would like this to be an option) but since this last 2 builds, I LOVE how the sim looks, again, at 100% res scaling. Sharp and crisp but at the same time no aliasing at all.

I just want to set this clear because devs might be confused about this, and I’m quite sure the actual problem is not the image quality or the TAA itself, but the settings not working/saving for some. Fortunately, I haven’t had any problems with my AA settings not saving and since these 2 builds I’ve enjoyed the best looking sim, in terms of AA, I’ve ever had.


little example, no scaling:


wow, that truly looks amazing! Could you please post your settings and perhaps your Nvidea Control Panel settings, my AA is all over the place with blurry images and jagges lines everywhere…

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Yeah I agree @usamor the general look of ground textures is great.

Still too many mountainous areas using default imagery instead of aerial / satalite imagery and shrubs and bushes are absent instead you have just trees.

My bug bearer though is the mesh, especially in moutainous areas it looks horrible in places. It appears the mesh values are completely missing along with the aerial imagery which is very odd.

When you compare these Switzerland screenshots to Aerofly FS 2 then you wonder why better data couldn’t have been available, some of Bing’s data is pretty dire. Japan though shows what is possible and the mesh there is great, I’d love to see that in Europe as well.

Aerofly FS 2 PC Screenshot


Please can you tell us your settings? Cause for me, it‘s def not the same as it was at release. I have a hight end PC build for this sim and turned everything up, but AA looks bad…


…but then I flew over mexico and my jaw dropped.

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My settings are, literally, all max!, Including 8x8 texture sampling, TAA and all ultra except resolution scaling at 100% (2560x1080). Also anisotropic filtering to x16, and no vsync (game still synced anyway), thats all.

If some of you are seeing jaggies, maybe you’re having issues saving your settings (that’s my guess), try setting everything to low end, save, then back to your preferences orrefreshing the options file. You can refresh the content.xml file too if you installed add ons and then removed them, it shouldn’t make any harm. Other than that the sim is looking amazing (better than ever) in terms of just pure image quality (AA), other issues aside.

Well, the post is about “image quality” of AA, because it seems that many people is suffering AA issues, not my case indeed, pretty much the opposite, but yeah, I agree with what you said too. If they manage to improve the terrain mesh, improve missing imagery and resolution at high altitude and increase drawing distance for trees I will be very happy!.


I agree with the use of Sharpening in games, but I found that using Nvidia’s DSR to up my resolution to 1440 to fix that.

Agreed.Seeing some I improvement in the AA compared to early alpha versions :slight_smile: the sim looks great with rendering scale 100 @ native 1440p
I no longer have a need to use Nvidia sharpening.
I think the people who have issues are the ones on 1080p.

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In particular the places im seeing major Jaggies and shimmering are on airport buildings, and built up autogen city areas, especially flat rooftops when viewed at a low angle. I know that we have to expect some of that, but it has gotten worse on my end, even at 1440p and 120% render scale.

Il try resetting settings again. But it might just be ive got the flight sim fever and nothing is good enough anymore.

I’ll also add, forcing 16X Anistropic filtering through the driver, makes a marked improvement on texture quality of distant terrain

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Weird I need TAA and my rendering to 200 to make it look decent. If I put my rendering to 100 the sim looks awful.

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What kind of AA are you using? You shouldn’t see any of that using TAA.

My happy place right now (running at 1080) is cranking up every setting in game to max, TAA, render scaling to 100.

In the Nvidia driver, I enable DSR and set my resolution to 2560x1440 with 40% smoothness. this to my eyes looks way more natural, has good rendition of distant objects, and my framerates aren’t destroyed.

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Here is an example, what I am seeing is rapid shimmering of the buildings in about the middle of the screen. Ive turned off all sharpening filters in Radeon control panel. I also get terrible vibrating shimmering on payware airports.

This is coming out of Aspen Colorado, and my trees nor buildings shimmer with what I described:

This is running FS2020 maxed out, 100% render scaling at 2560x1440 using Nvidia DSR to supersample that back down to my 1080p display. Really cures the oversharpened look that the game gets from its internal rendering engine.

Hmm, I have a 1440p monitor, my card is a Radeon RX 5700 XT 8gb but I can only supersample so much because im bottlenecked by my CPU. I dont think there is a smoothing filter in the Adrenaline control panel for the Radeon. I’ll have to check.

Some aliasing is to be expected because my monitor is huge in comparison to what im used to so ive gotten a bit spoiled seeing every jaggie. But the shimmering and the flashing textures is very bad in a lot of places for me. I’m still trying to figure it out.

Edit: Also I use nothing but TAA, the other ones are much much worse.

1080 here and shimmering and overall texture quality is very poor. It’s gotten worst with the updates.

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Did anyone of you guys got rid of this faint shining edge around some parts of the user plane, such as the wheels when on ground, engine edges etc.? Still have those, no matter if I manually turn of sharpen in the config and use the nVIDIA sharpening instead.

Maybe that’s only when some DoF is happening?, I’m not experiencing this except in that case. Look at the start of this video, you will notice it, however once there is not DoF it look great:

Note how nice the buildings look (no shimmering at all) as well as cockpit and such. That’s an example of how the sim looks in my case, and of course, only TAA and 100% res scaling.

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