1.9.5 and .4 have the best image quality and AA, EVER!

EDITED - I put the wrong details in here first time around - sorry!

It’s called OpenHardwareMonitor. You can find it on google - link below. It has a “normal” hardware monitor screen like this:

But what I copied above is a great little thing it has called the gadget. Basically you can select any stat from the full monitor and add it to the gadget - right click like this:

Then you can choose to show the gadget from the view menu

Once you show the gadget, you can minimise the full monitor (don’t close it or it will close the gadget too). If you then position the gadget where you want it, it will stay there all the time and even re-open there when you shutdown/restart. I leave mine sitting on my second monitor all the time.


Just in case - install at your own risk (I’ve not had any problems)

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I think it’s OK, but @vsharma1123 above suggested it was too hot. As I said above, if you google it you get a lot of conflicting advice. Cooler is better, obviously, but below 80 degrees at 100% load doesn’t seem too high to me. As I also said, my hardware is set (by default) to throttle back if it hits 84 degrees.

Edit - I also tend to believe that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. So if you are getting good results (looks like you are) and the temps are stable, I would stick with it.

Yeah I don’t seem to have an issue so far therefore I’m going to leave as it is. I don’t want to break something. I’m still getting melted buildings though idk why

Sorry - my mistake - I linked to the wrong hardware monitor. The one that has the gadget is called OpenHardwareMonitor and the link is here:


Apologies for any confusion

Exactly the same experience for me. This has been since a couple of patches ago. TAA was perfect in the launch version: no jagged edges around anything. As it’s the view I’m looking at most of the time it’s most noticeable around the edges of the cockpit panels/displays, with digital text shimmering and unclear too.


As I have said numerous times along the thread, I’m just talking about AA (image quality) here, NO general graphics nor LoD issues. In case you don’t know, I have started many other threads about these problems, including trees rendering distance so no, Im not satisfied with that, at all, Im just satisfied with AA and image quality.

Take a look here:

What anti-virus do you have? I know it’s off topic but I’m just curious since I’m looking for one

Widows Defender - I know it gets a bad press, but I;ve never had any issues and it does catch stuff.

Do you know of any good ones out there?
And did you mean windows?

Sorry yes! Windows Defender. Bad typo. I don’t really know about anti-virus. You could start a thread on that specifically? I’m sure others will have a view. It’s another issue where Google will give you too many conflicting answers. The only one I’ve used a bit in the past was McAfee - and I found it really slowed everything down - but that must be 10 years ago, so no idea what it is like now.

There are also some threads here about conflicts and anti-virus stopping the installer/patches etc - so might be worth looking at them too.

It’s been said so many times, that the problem with aa and shimmering is visible mostly on 1080p, not on 1440p or 4k. Worst problem by far, atleast for me is shimmering rivers. I play on 1080p, render 150, setting high-ultra, but it’s visible mo matter what settings i use, even on 200 render and ultra. You can also see the same thing on many youtube videos and streams, shimmering and flickering, bad aliasing.

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You don’t have any issues with windows defender stopping anything regarding msfs2020 or updating Nvidia?

Work really picked up, so I haven’t been able to follow up on this. Yes I did see 16X is an option in the settings, I just forgot about it. Have it set to 16X anyway.

I had time this morning to throw up a before/after comparison, but for some reason FS2020 can’t connect to any of the servers, not sure if the problem is on my end or theirs.

Anyway, I need to drive into town and go to work for a bit, when I’m done for the day and home tonight, I’ll get back at it, and show a before/after of my setting sauce to show as a demo.

Well I took the precaution of excluding the MSFS install folder from Defender’s protection. I installed MSFS in a custom location - so didn’t go with the default. So it was easy to just exclude that folder (and the community folder). In theory excluding the community folder carries some risk - but because any scenery or mods download into the “Downloads” folder first and are scanned at that time, the risk feels low.

After reading about the nVidia sharpening setting I decided to give it a try today. I took some screenshots with sharpening off and with it set to 0.50 and compared them in GIMP. Definitely a noticeable difference. However, I found 0.50 too sharp and not as realistic, things out several thousand feet should not appear razor sharp. Also, there’s a slight impact to FPS. I personally found that 0.25 was the perfect setting for me. It sharpens up some of the often overly soft looking imagery but doesn’t make it unrealistically sharp and also doesn’t seem to have any noticeable impact on FPS. Definitely going to keep it with the Nvidia sharpening at 0.25.

I increased the resolution (which my PC can’t comfortably handle with full ultra settings, which it does perfectly at 1080p), but I didn’t see that it really took away the AA problems from round the edges of the cockpit control panels in the Cessna 152. And TAA was implemented perfectly at launch: everything super solid and smooth at 1080p. So bumping resolution should never be a solution anyway; the only acceptable one is for the developers to get it back to how it was at launch.


Not bad at all :slight_smile:

I agree with everything you said, but i doubt Asobo will do anything about it, they don’t even aknowledge that problem even exist. Maybe we’ll get a fix with dx12 and dlss 2.0, i hope so, but there’s also a lot of people with older non rtx cards and that wont help them.

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Why can’t a game that has been developed for so many years be stable at 60PFS?

I’ve done lots of testing with Nvidia Control panel and did try most of the settings
Many of them made the sim worse , like sharpening even at the lowest gives the sim a cartoonish look in my opinion
The best setting I’ve found is that in Nvidia control panel , set Antialiasing to OVERRIDE the application settings and set it at 4x also use FXAA and Anistropic Filtering at 8x in the Simulators graphics settings. This gave me a lot better quality within the Sim , though i will experiment more to see if i can get better results.
Hopefully this can give everyone better image quality as it did mine.