100% vs 60% Render Scale

For those who tried both, which one is better with below settings?

Rift S at 100% render scaling or

Reverb G2 at 60% render scaling?

Reverb G2 Resolution:

2160 x 2160 per eye

Rift S Resolution:

1280 x 1440 per eye

I want to try VR and my choices narrowed down to above options as running the Reverb G2 at 100% is unlikely. Thanks.

In my opinion this question is going to be one that each person will have to answer themselves. On my Reverb G2 I’ve gone back and forth on just about every config imaginable, and I have finally come to the conclusion that a 100 Render Scale in OpenXR, then scaling down in the sim to my best performance is the best for me right now. Only because I have other games and apps that don’t have this issue, so I want them to have the best resolution possible. I try to remember that old I.T. rule of never changing the whole system for 1 app.

Things will improve in VR I am sure, but right now I have to take a break from this performance chase and just enjoy the sim the best that I can.


Great to know that you are on 100% render scale on G2. My bad, I have been reading various posts and I thought it was not possible even on 3090. It’s a good point about other games too. Thanks.

No I haven’t tried both, but since the Reverb has 2.5 times more pixels and these pixels are smaller you get better image clarity (less SDE) regardless of resolution settings.

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Currently I can fly the A320Neo FBW Mod with 100% render scaling, 100% SS in OpenXR without reprojection on the G2 with 2080 Super with 3900X. Turning down the render scalings makes the instruments barely readable in the A320. This is not an option. Yes, there are some stutters but it is not that bad. It is also possible to fly aerobatics in dense cities with texture details at 150. SteamXR is unflyable for me. I uninstalled OpenXR since it did nothing for me other than blurring everything. Tried all those tunings tipps, but keeping everything quite stock seems to give the best results for me. I think one key is the Nvidia driver version for 20XX cards that should not be newer than 457.30 - that is the tipp I kept.

Have fun!

Thanks. This is something that I am curious, if the SDE in Rift S is much visible at 100% render scale or it is in G2 at 60% render scale.

Thanks. Absolutely, I agree with you to just enjoy flying without chasing the performance. I will go now for the G2. :grinning:

SDE depends on panel resolution, not rendering resolution. G2 probably looks comparatively less blurry at a far ower render res than Rift S 100%

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Thanks man, appreciated. So many things to learn, and VR is another level.

@IronDad1289 I’m covering this question (and much more) here:

My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR)
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

The index panel resolution is a little higher than the RS but smaller than the G2 and these two guides are explaining some strategies you could use regarding FS2020 Render Scaling and the API (OXR or SteamVR) Super Sampling.

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Took me 2 hours to back read and google as lots of information in the thread.

And it’s all worth it.

Thank you very much.

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I find the MSFS VR internal 100 render scale and 16x anisotropic filtering via nvidia control panel for Rift S looks better without the added Oculus Tray Tool Supersampling.

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I run the sim at 70% render scale with my Reverb G2, and it is gorgeous in VR.


Thank you very much. I have read reports that Rift S is a bit blurry on the panels at 70% render. How is the results with you at 100%?

Congratulations and thanks for your reply. Looking forward for awesome experience with VR once it’s available in my area.

I honestly can’t find enjoyment with anything less than 90% render visually for the Rift S.
Anything below that hurts to look at…like PSVR level of low res.:rofl:

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Thank you very much, it confirms that ideal settings to be 90-100% on Rift S. I just need to wait when will VRs be available in my area. Happy Flying!

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