15 Minutes, CTD - an absolute joke at this point

Except that it’s not a joke, because jokes are funny.

I honestly just give up. This is such a pile of garbage. I was just thinking to myself as I was flying, “Wow, it’s really not that bad.” Yeah, so much for that.

So after buying Deluxe version, $3-400 worth of aircraft, chart subscription, several sceneries, downloading a ton of (AMAZING!) user-created airfields and other content, I’m just done. It’s just utter garbage. I simply quit. I can’t tell you how sad it makes me that they’ve absolutely RUINED what was a wonderful flight simulator.

I’m uninstalling it. Sayonara.

And YES, I have removed all of my addons. Vanilla sim. Worked just fine for 12 months. Now does not work. My fault? If you say so.


just curious do you have the garmin update installed from the content manager? i was having many a few days ago, infact every time i loaded the game. I uninstalled that and cleared my community folder and now i dont have any ctd’s. i know this may not be a solution for all, but worked for me.

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I don’t have anything installed. Zilch. Vanilla sim. Appreciate the thought. I have tried absolutely everything. Same result every time.

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i feel your pain i really do. interesting how some are having this issue and some are not. Gota be some kind of conflict with a driver or software. cant think of any other reason.

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Never had a single CTD until 1.18. Not one.


I feel your frustration. I had constant crashes since February. Fortunately for me SU5 fixed them. I have an all AMD system and the xbox update must have had fixes for that. Anyway, you can only try to control what is in your control. With that in mind try this approach.

Step 1 is to ensure your computer is 100% stable. It’s not enough to say “my computer works with every other application I run”. My suggestion is you download OCCT. That program will find hardware problems if you have them. It’s free and has a number of stress tests for all your components. Can your computer pass 15 minutes of all of those tests?

Step 2 is to perform all the things listed on the official post from zendesk.

Those are the things in your control so if that doesn’t work then most likely the problem is with MSFS 2020 and you’ll just need to wait and hope that some future update will fix things for you.

Good luck.

@StatesideSiren4 Sorry, in your first post you said that you had purchased…“several sceneries, downloading a ton of (AMAZING!) user-created airfields and other content”.

So have you currently removed all those both from your community folder (yes you can copy that elsewhere or rename it) and anything purchased from the marketplace you’ve uninstalled via the content manager?

Then cleared your content.xml and your rolling cache?

And it is still crashing to desktop?

I’ve only ever had CTD from addons that need updating post world or sim updates and removing those has fixed my issues. The hardest part is actually finding out which one is causing the issue.


Same for me, i had no ctds since purchasing back in aug 2020 untill about a week or so ago, but since uninstalling the garmin update and clearing my cfolder all is well. I really do hope you get things sorted.

Sorry if that’s your experience man. But if I were you, I’d reset my PC to factory settings, or reinstall Windows, before saying the game is “a pile of garbage”. It’s the ultimate fix to anything. There are many others playing with zero problems. I just find it hard to believe it’s the game that is broken. Each PC is different, eventually somewhere there will be something preventing the game from running properly.


Please take this as some friendly advice. Remove ALL of those mods. I know it’s hard, and you want to play with them all, but right now it just doesn’t work like that. The game is going to be in a constant state of flux for the foreseeable future and we simply have to accept that mods have an incredibly high chance of causing CTD’s. Only once the game stops getting any major updates can we also expect the mods to become permanently stable.

Think of FS2020 as a game you picked up in early access and is shaping up to be great when it’s finished. If Asobo were to try and curate and ensure every game update also worked with every mod then we would be lucky if we got one update a year and mods would need to be limited in number and scope.

I totally understand that you are ■■■■■■ that you can’t play the game with all the cool mods you bought, AND have it be stable, but it’s simply not a feasible wish right now unless you would also accept only one update a year and far less mod choice.

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Just a note, this is a fairly aggressive tool as far as the CPU test.

I have a CPU cooler the size of medium dogs head* with an air-conditioning duct 2 feet away set to so cold I wear a flannel when gaming and this program got things in the 80c range.

*Noctua D15-black

Hi folks,

I’m closing this topic because there’s already topics regarding CTD’s which you can post in.

I’ve listed a few open topics regrading CTD’s below: