20 fps on 3440x1440 ultra 5900x 6800xt

So… im a allmost 40 year old gamer/overclocker (max stable tuner)
ive been building and working on computers for 25ish of them

my pc is:
Asus b550-e gaming
5900x oc allowed to max 5.050 ghz
Asus 6800xt lc oc allowed max 2622mhz (4150 on the mem)
32gb 3600 cl 16 d.o.c.p enabled fclk set to 1:1
2tb m.2 samsung 970 evo plus

i know how to maintain and keep my pc as optimized as possible, and no component/system temp ever exceeds 70 degrees celsius in my rig

Timespy extreme GPU score: 9 323
Timespy extreme CPU score 7 736

According to 3d mark, my rig is: Better than 96% of all results.

Starting in a c172 at ENSN rwy 01 un ultra preset, i get choppy 20-25fps max… msfs dev mode says my GPU is the limiting factor, wich crackles me up :stuck_out_tongue: Now ive been at it, trying to tweak both msfs and windows settings/applications for a few days… performance was poor before the 4th update as well, i was hoping this update would fix things, but sadly now im out of ideas and motivation to continue.

fresh install, nothing in community folder as well, disabled close to 200 addons i dont need in the content manager

ive watched close to every performance guide on YT i think, but nothing improves, except turning tree/building render distance down to unacceptable levels. (10/30)

Any1 with similar speccs to me, who has found a solution, i would be grateful for any tips :slight_smile:


Cyberpunk 2077 3440x1440, graphics maxed out gives me 75-80fps for comparison

Running single screen, S.A.M is enabled

Adrenaline not installed, only drivers (no difference with adrenaline installed either) YES i use DDU when doing display drivers)

Plane is 172 g1000 default cockpit view, ultra default settings xcept motion blur is off. Multiplayer off, traffic off, weather preset clear time is 0900UTC. The plane is just idling on the runway when fps is measured
-Render scale is 100
(Going from 100 to 30 in renderscaling made zero difference in performance)

-Fullscreen 25fps
-WIndowed: 24fps
-Setting stock clock speeds on CPU/GPU -Zero difference in performance
-Switching AA from TAA to off -Zero difference in performance.
-Changing resolution from 3440x1440 to 1920x1080 4 fps increase
-Setting terrain LOD from 200 to 100 10fps increase
-Turning Online func. in data settings off, zero difference in performance
-Buildings/trees from ultra to medium 1fps increase
-Switching from ultra preset to low end 20 fps increase ( i suspect these frames come from the terrain LOD being dropped from 200 to 25)

Test: Graphic preset on Low end with terrain LOD set to 200, puts me at the same FPS as with everything on ultra. So i think i have found the root of the cause. Terrain LOD is causing the issue. The question now is what to do with it

New Find.

-TerrainLOD 200 GPU clocks lay in the 1000-1300mhz 50-99% Utilization
-TerrainLOD 10 GPU clocks lay in the 2000-2600mhz 70-80% Utilization

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Given you have tried everything;
Try resetting your GPU and CPU to not overclocked and retry and see if performance is worse or better.
Sometimes overclocking can counterintuitively adversely affect performance.
Also try in default Cesna when testing and comparing.


You’re not posting some VERY important information;

  • resolution you’re running
  • graphics settings you’re running
  • where are you flying

If you’re running triple 4K screens, with render scaling at 200% , ultra settings, over a photogrammetry area, you’re going to get 1-5 FPS. The hardware needed to run that hasn’t been developed yet.

If you’re running 1440p single screen, render scaling 100%, ultra settings, over a non photogrammetry area you should be seeing 50-60 FPS.
Single 4K screen with those settings should be around 40-ish I would guess.

Your system is great, so you should be getting good performance, it’s just hard to judge anything without this information.


I subscribe to the practice of starting with low settings and working up from there. Then tweak and tweak until you get your best and be happy with that. It’s all about enjoying the game.

But it seems you want to run ultra so that’s okay with me. The one area of tweaking which you didn’t mention was the AMD SAM technology. Have you played with that? From reviews I see that some games like it and some don’t so whatever your setting try the opposite. It might help.

Good luck.

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The thing is, his hardware should be able to run 4K ultra without issue. He’s scraping the bottom of the playable barrel at 1440p.

I’m in the same situation, although with somewhat lesser hardware. Even lowering all settings to minimum makes no difference from ultra.


he hasn’t reported yet what he’s running. Maybe he’s running triple 4K’s with 6 pop-out windows.


It’s in the title. He’s running 3440 x 1440. Same resolution as I am.

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Hmz, I either missed that, or it was added after I read it :slight_smile:

But still, flying over London or Paris with PG turned on will do that to any system. If he’s flying over non-PG, it should be higher (I get much higher than 20-25 on 1440p with a 5800X and a RX5700XT).


I understand his issue. It doesn’t matter where I fly. PG or not. No mods, no undocked windows (since I can’t use my cockpit due to the WASM issue), and I get a stuttery 20-25 at MAX, and lows in the low teens. Feels like the SU3 performance bug all over again.

And it doesn’t matter what settings. I can run at 50% render scale all on minimum settings and it doesn’t gain me a single extra frame. It just looks like FS95 at that point.

Oddly, it says I’m main thread limited, but my main CPU thread never goes beyond 70% use since this update.

So I understand exactly what the OP is saying. I’m happy for those not having issues, but some of us most definitely are.


still running pop-out screens for your home cockpit? or stopped using those?

I can’t use my cockpit atm due to the WASM module bug, so no undocked windows.

Well before the update
I run a 3800X and a 3090 No over clocking, I was playing at 4K With Ultra Settings and getting an easy 35 fps at Fly Tampa KLAS with the A32NX, now I am getting 12fps :frowning:

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Genuinely sorry to hear that. I know from your posts you are or seem to be an avid Cockpit builder. Hope they fix it soon dude.

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serious rig but you decide put a AMD GPU in there ? :stuck_out_tongue:

FPS is highly dependent on the location and aircraft you are in. Fly in the middle of nowhere and you will have amazing frames. Try an approach at KLAX, 10 fps.


It’s fascinating how many people expect a graphical setting called “Ultra” in a new game to run well. It should be considered a coin flip, not something that has any sort of minimum performance.

Location and aircraft info would be nice to know, they do have a big impact on performance.


Hi SuperSixBraxo

I have the same FPS problem as you now, I was getting 25-30 at KLAS and 30 FPS during the flight which was very smooth with the odd stutter at Airport using FBW.

Now after the latest upgrade I still have good perfect flights but KLAX is now 15 FPS @ 3 nm out and it is unplayable.

Looks like I am due a de-tune!

If Asobo keep adding to the game then everyone will have to drop their settings?

P.S Flying at 2000ft FBW over Paris with 100 players in view doing the same, I had 25 fps with micro stutters, as I left the area returned to normal.

Window 10 pro 64
Ryzen 7 3700X
Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (DDR4-3200)
Gigabyte 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe
Gigabyte B550 AORUS ELITE
MSI Optix 3440 x 1440

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I understand, but it was running fine. There were no issues, VR was also very smooth with High settings and 120% render scale. I mean I just upped the settings until I was happy. I always test over LAX, if it is smooth there, it will be smooth anywhere.


I lost 10-20fps after this update and your 6800xt walks all over my 2060super.I am running the same exact screen size and was getting 50fps in places like the desert. Now I am topping out @35fps almost everywhere I fly and I am running a mix of high/ultra/medium.High/Medium on gpu bound settings. Running a 10700KF @5ghz along with 32gb ram.

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I have tried running stock speeds… its the same. Thnx for answering :slight_smile:

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I have typed most of the information if you read thoroughly :slight_smile: single screen, default ultra settings, render 100% except i have turned motion blur off. also tried to increase the buffer from 8 to 32gb. i know i should have 50-60 fps, wich i dont, wich is why i created this topic :slight_smile: thnx for replying