250 friend limit reached, cannot delete anyone

Trying to figure out why someone can’t add me, I think I realized it’s b/c I’m at 250 friends. This is added through MSFS “add friend” type of feature.

Trying to fly with someone just now, they could not see me. We weren’t friends, but on the same server in the same location. I tried to click on a friend not online, no option to unfriend. I tried to click on a friend online, no unfriend option.

I need to unfriend some people to make room for others. How do I do this?

This link may offer some help.

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That seemed to be an issue with xbox but there didn’t seem to be a resolution on that thread either.

This is a growing concern of mine. I had no idea I had a friend limit, worse than that I didn’t know once the limit is reached, I am stuck with everyone. I would have assumed you can unfriend someone which I think is a fair assumption.

I plan on owning this sim and enjoying it for several more years. Surely there must be a way for me to make room to add more friends.

You are using the XBOX app when you run MSFS through a PC.
All MS games are.

Open up the XBox App from your PC Start Menu.

Click the “X”

Wow… this must be an extrovert problem… :rofl:
While I only have 1 friend, 3 months after launch, and I add another friend last week. So total, 2 friends on my list…


This extrovert likes introverts what can I say

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■■■■. I have like 12 people, and some of those are people that just randomly added me. lol


One day I started sending invites to the regular positive posters on this forum. (If you post here and we’re friends it’s because you are a consistent positive person)
In addition to that I usually send a request to anyone who attempts crazy low altitude flying in the canyon as I come to realize many sim pilots are afraid to crash their inexpensive sim plane. FA18 pilots excluded except for 1.

For some reason, after a different session, I tried to send a friend request and this time it said “sent”. Now it hasn’t been accepted yet, so perhaps there still is an issue, but I am going to wait a few days to see if I get any invites or send any out that get accepted. If not, I will re-visit Sevenflyer’s suggestion.

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Kind of reminds me of “Facebook” where people thrive on having thousands of friends although none may be actual “Friends”.


Ok well I cannot explain what was going on before. You saw in the video I was not able to add a friend. Somehow, something got fixed b/c I just had two friend request and accepted and now I am over 250, so if there is a “limit”, it is not 250 or 249.

I’m not wanting to unfriend anyone so this is good news.

Also I have put in over 3k hours in the sim so that also is why my friends list has grown, b/c my username is always somewhere in the world. 175 hours played the past 2 weeks. My gamertag is not hidden lol


Mods, since this problem seemed to have “fixed itself”, please delete this thread. I don’t want someone to think there’s a glitch when it’s not. There’s too many complaints about actual issues than for a false one to have any attention on it, so please remove. Thanks

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