Cannot Remove or Add Friends

Hello, hope someone can explain this…

I have duplicated friends in-game and I cannot remove the ones I added from in-game on earlier versions (I’m not following them on Xbox App). Now one friend have disappeared and I cannot add him anymore… From Xbox App we are following each other and in-game it says that we are friends already…

It’s Microsoft Store version, no developer mode.

Thank you in advance.

Following this topic . Why has the remove friends option been taken away ?


Most people on my FS friends list aren’t linked to Xbox friends and I cant remove some people I don’t want on my friend list. is there a solution?

Seems that no one is able to help us. :frowning:

The thing is that when I click on “View Xbox Profile”, nothing happens on that specific friends.

The problem is that the one I want to remove seems to not even have a Xbox profile. When I click “View Profile”, nothing happens, only on that person. :expressionless:

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Would someone be so kind as to tell me how to delete a friend added in the sim?
I’m using the Steam version of MSFS. I have 3 friends and one doesn’t play anymore. So I try to delete it but to no avail, there is no option in the sim.

I find that quite strange, if not annoying.

I repeat specifically again. I added the buddy IN THE SIM, not via Steam. And i dont have the Xbox App or something.

Best Regards JazzSam

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same issue for me, haven’t found how to do it!

No, not in sim.
You do that from the Xbox app.

Did you read my post carefully? I specifically said I don’t use the Xbox app, and it’s never been installed. I I have the Steam version :wink:

Xbox App is something you can download from the Windows Store. Yes you purchased the game on steam, but you still use a microsoft account to actually play the game. You will need it to remove friends.

You could probably do it in a browser instead some xbox live website…

I even installed it extra times today, but I have 0 friends in the xbox app and the ones in the sim don’t show up

Steam still uses the Xbox app.

So. I have never installed the Xbox app on my PC except today to see if my 3 Simsfriends show up there and they won’t. And no, with the Steam version you don’t need the Xbox app, at least I don’t.
It works since almost 2 Years :wink:

My apologies.
I was under the impression steam used xbox app as well, which is why I tried to help with that link.
You should though, probably be able to remove them through the steam app.

Simple answer – be antisocial and don’t make Friends – then you wont have to delete them when you fall out !!


Yes, you cannot delete your Friends from within MSFS, but, far more powerfully —

You could do what some have correctly suggested, install the X-Box app, (if you have not already), and you can Manage your friend list there …

AndrewJ5664 selected — one click on “Remove Friend” and he would be history !!

Note: They are NOT MSFS Friends, they are X-Box Friends …

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No problem, I’m glad someone is trying to help :wink:

I checked Steam as well and it only shows the friends I added through Steam and not in the sim. Actually I don’t have any friends in the Steam list that have MSFS2020.

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Dont work for me.

Why should I have friends in the Xbox app if I have never installed them, or have never added anyone there. :wink:

MSFS2020 is the only MS game I have

What would happen, if you went in a group session with the Xbox app installed, would it then pick up your friends?

Well, that is strange. I added a few Friends in MSFS, and they show up when I run the X-Box app, and LOG In. as you can see from the above screen shot .

If you have steam, have you liked you steam account when in the X-boz app ??