3 CTD in one Sunday afternoon with zero mods loaded

CTD three times in a row today.

Each one was a “VCRuntime” error, previously documented.

I would guess it’s server side; my rig has not changed in any way since yesterday. Any/all updates (for all installed software, including the OS) require permission.

Back to reading my current book… :slight_smile:

Share you system specs and MSFS graphics settings for one…

Done that more than I care to count. This isn’t on “my end” of things, not when the software was working fine the past 72 hours. Nothing has changed on “my end.” And… I’m tired of chasing ghosts.

It’s server side. I’d bet on it, were I a betting man.

No other software causes this many issues.

Know a not-so-PC-savvy guy who had CTDs in MSFS often. Come to find out he was trying to run the game on Ultra in 4K with a budget 1650 equipped laptop and single digit FPS up until the crashes… lowering the specs accordingly solved his problem.
Just saying - more information, requested by a member of the Forum Moderator Team above, is helpful considering there is too much room for user error. That is why software versions, modifications active, software/system settings, system specifications, peripherals used, etc are requested for troubleshooting and support.

Without such information this is just another “attack MSFS and the devs” rant thread nearing its end.


Just try turning all the AI aircraft down to 10%.
It worked for me and many others, I never had a CTD again. So give it a try and let me know.

I can report back with more info later, if I can summon the will to load up the sim. But I’m running a 3080 and i7 8700K and neither are overclocked. Setting are a mix of high and ultra. FPS normally sits at 30fps except some drops in cities.

Yes I was having a vent yesterday, I admit it, but because no other game is this unstable in my life (genuinely). I am exhausted. I’ve paid close to £200 in the main game and add-ons… If I am expected to spend 90% of this game as a pro bono QA engineer, then, well, I ain’t gonna.

Isn’t here overclokcking problems with these CTD?
MSFS is very demanding on hardware, so I think you need to check your hardware settings (overclocking, cooling, CPU and GPU)
Personally I never had a CTD except one time when I overclocked my CPU too high (5 GHZ was ok, 5.1 not)
Check also the pagefile size and let it managed by windows in auto mode.
Recently I have seen a memory usage on load by MSFS: RAM usage : 31 GB and pagefile usage: 56 GB (do not remember what scenery it was)

That is a world of info to some people. Maybe should be a topic!:+1::100::blush: Thanks for that!

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I feel your frustration over this. Your system should be giving pretty good performance here. I run a I7 - 7700, GTX 1080, 64GB RAM, M2 NVMe, no OC, on a very clean build and I’m actually surprised how well mine handles it. I’ve been looking to upgrade my 1080 but that’s another story in itself. I’m still impressed by the 1080 so I can wait on that.

I just flew the stock A320 from KSEA to KPDX with live traffic and live weather on. The flight was flawless for me. FPS range in cockpit 35-45. FPS exterior view 35-50 depending on location. I have FPS locked at 60 with Vsync set OFF. Photogrammetry was switched off for me by choice because of seeing the melted look in some areas.

The A320 operated perfectly fine for me also. I flew ILS utilizing AP until almost touching down on runway. The ATC was it’s usual mess trying to have me fly way above flight plan altitude which I just ignored. The usual glitches of course. But they did not interfere with completing the flight.

I did see a lot of users citing similar issues to yours the last couple of days and the thinking was issues on the server side and not on the users side. I would try the flight again if I were you and see how it goes. It is a strange phenomenon that issues vary so much between users and systems, but there can be lots of reasons for that.

As I have said, MSFS is still in it’s infancy at 8 months out. I can hear the people yelling out loud, saying they shouldn’t have released it until the kinks are out of it. If release were still being held up to this point, we would hear the same people screaming about why they haven’t released MSFS yet.

I still think it’s the best one out there and the future will bear that out with the help of 3rd party developers adding great things to it. I say hang in there with it man. When and if it gets frustrating, step away and play another game for a while. Don’t yell at the wife or kick the dog or anything. They don’t understand our frustration with it anyway. It will improve over time.


It would be even more awesome if MSFS sent crash data straight to Microsoft, like so many other Microsoft applications do.

The question is – it’s Microsoft: why is it not already doing this, rather than relying on non-technical customers to send in random complaints about CTDs.

The Technology exists – why is not already being used.?

FYI: I have analyzed a number of my CTD crash dumps, and in most cases, its been a Null- Pointer, or Uninitialized -Pointer issue.

Tools exist to help find and eliminate null-pointer issues
ie Bug hunting with static analysis tools - #embeddedbits


Is your cooling stable?

MSFS use AVX instruction that drive your cpu very hard what can cause instabilities. This is very uncommon for games. Please have a look in your bios and proof that an AVX offset is set (e.g. -3).

The region southwest of seattle is still a fps triangle. I have smooth flights there but also flights where the sim slows down itself to very low framerates (around Couga, Winlo, Uless waypoints). I have always normal starts in Portland KPDX but soon after I went nord the issue starts. Have not found a reason yet.


I kindly ask to stay on topic.

If you have any wishes for alternative bug reporting, feel free to search for wishlist topics regarding bug reporting.

In this topic a user tries to get help for his issues with CTDs. This topic wasn’t created for discussing the bug reporting system.

Thank you!

here are my settings you can downlaod. maybe that is a help. I get smooth flight with no stutters or interruptions.

I guess it’s good to hear it wasn’t just me. CTD just when intercepting the glide slope at KATL after a two hour flight :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Then I was just sitting at KDEN in Vatsim observing, after 15 min CTD. It seemed to get better last night, maybe because less people logged in :man_shrugging:

For what it’s worth…I have disabled photogrammetry also…not worth dealing with those bumps. Some I can get next to…some I can’t. Not worth sorting it out. But they are having their problems.

Always remember, there are more than 2 million copies sold. And compare it to the numbers of complaints, something is breaking the sim. It looks a lot, if you have a look into the forum. But compared to the million+ users having no problems, who won’t need to say that in the forums with each of them making a single threat, it is nothing.

Yes, it is very frustrating, if “your” (adressed to each individual player) PC is having problems with a patch. But often it is excactly that: That individual system.

I am not an expert, but my PC is not as highend as yours, and it runs smooth with Ultra Settings and plenty of mods / liveries installed. This year I had one CTD, that’s it.

Hard to tell, what is causing the troubles in your system. But I can feel that anger, investing so much money and not beeing able to fly, like you want to.

Hope, you will get a solution for that. :slight_smile:

I personally think it’s down to the PSU. (ONLY my opinion)

Did you install windows update KB15001330? It causes fps drops and CTDs for some folks.

Would a bad PSU or some other hardware component not crash the whole PC, why is it only MSFS that CTD?

It’s not your computer. It’s MSFS.

They’ll fix it someday… :slight_smile: