310R vs C-414

Hi there: I am asking the community for advice. I want to purchase either the Milviz 310R or the Flightsimware C-414. My experience flying twin engine aircraft in the simulator is minimal, so if some of you who own one or the other of these planes could give me some advice on which would be best both from a learning perspective and an “enjoyment” factor I would sure appreciate it! Thanks!

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Milviz quality is better in my opinion and the 310R is not hard to learn as it has no complex systems.


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For a learner, I too would go for the 310. Just understand that you need to finesse the landings and you will be fine. Both are truly excellent aircraft. If you fancy a bit more on the system side, I would say that the 414 is more fully fearured. You would love both, in all likelihood.

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Hands down the C310R. It is a more finished product. Flies well. Looks good inside and out. It’s not BETA.

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The major “criticism” of the 310 that I have seen is the seemingly excessive left-hand pull. Is this really an issue? Thanks again…

I personally have not experienced it, but I fly AP almost exclusively. It’s just my thing.

yes its quite excessive.

You should add…Its is sold as a beta however. It is Early access and the devs do not hide that.

You just did. Thanks.

But that doesn’t invalidate anything I wrote.

Confused…I thought the 310 was finished and the 414 was still in Beta.

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Both are fairly simple aircraft to fly but the 310 is on another level compared to the 414 as it has a complex dynamic failure / wear and tear system and full systems modelling (e.g. Barely any inop functions).

Both look and sound great so no difference there. The 414 feels fine in the air but a little too twitchy for my tastes, the ground handling is also a bit sensitive. The dev has stated that he is working on this with a real 414 pilot so should get more accurate.

The 310 is also quite stressful to fly (bumps around in any kind of turbulence) and land (get ready for some spine crushing landings) but this is apparently bang on the real plane according to various accounts I’ve found over the internet. Milviz certainly stand by the accuracy as its been developed with

I doubt the 414 systems, while still in beta, will ever reach the level of systems complexity of the 310 though.

Yes. The 414 is still BETA. The 310 is sold as a finished product. The difference is basically semantic because they are both updated quite a bit.

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Regarding some kind of left hand pull on the 310, there is some at high power settings, but it is realistic due to left turning tendencies and it is not “excessive” by any stretch. There is also rudder and aileron trim available to make small adjustments. Don’t know where some people are getting this from.

My recommendation is the 310.

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Yeah I’ve never seen anything like that, the plane is very easy to keep on centreline on takeoff and can easily be trimmed straight and level.

Maybe a little different take for you to consider. I own both planes and I like them both quite a bit.

At this moment, the 310 is a much more complete product. No surprise, FSW is still in beta/pre-release on the 414.

If you are only going to get one, here’s what I would base my decision on:

If you want a sportier plane that will be happiest at FL080 or lower and supports failures, etc you should get the 310.

If you want a comfier ride that you can take to FL210 (pressurized) and not have detailed failures then get the 414.

Again, I really like both these planes. You’re not going to be disappointed with either one. The only risk is if FSW completely drops the ball at the finish line which they’ve not shown any indications of doing.


Could you expand on that a bit? In what respect is it more fully featured?

First: comparing the 310R to the 414AW with the RAIV upgrade is like comparing a 1969 Pontiac LeMans with a 350 and a 1969 Pontiac GTO with the Royal Bobcat package. (That involved transplanting a blueprinted 428 - set up as a Ram Air IV motor coincidentally - into the GTO.) Who’s gonna win that drag race?

Second: a 310R will set you back less than $200K if you can find a decent one. (310 Pilot is selling his for $335K… far above market average.) A good C414 (without the RAIV package) will relieve you of about $500K - a bit of research discovered that the current Ram conversion price is over $600K all by itself.

Third: a 310R has two normally aspirated engines; the 414A has two turbocharged engines and a pressurized cabin. Cruise speed and cruise altitude are quite different between the two aircraft.

The similarities? Both were built by Cessna and both have two engines. Other than that they are built for different missions and have a different set of operating requirements.

Both are great aircraft in real life. Both models in the sim are quite fabulous as well.

However, the fourth point - and most important to make here - is that the C414 built for MSFS is still in beta!


I have both and I’d get that 310 if I had to choose only one. Its systems are modeled with more depth and the ownership aspect is fun. It flies extremely well. The avionics options are similar. The 414 is a bit faster and goes higher if you’re more into longer trips.

The 414 is still in beta and it still needs some time to get to the same level, if it will get there. Systems-wise I don’t think it will go as deep as the 310 but who knows, the dev is actually very active and listens to feedback.

Overall, two great products. You can get the 310 now and the 414 later :slight_smile:


414 to me is the better aircraft. Milviz has the ownership and failure system and that´s why I would also choose the 310 even though I have way more fun to fly (and land) the 414.

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Certainly. For me the 414 suits my style of flying very well indeed, with a good head for that second nav unit and a good dme onboard, I can enjoy VOR navigation more fully. Of course, I use the GTNxi too and as this is on a separate screen I can utilise this this fully as well. I love the 310R but that second head for nav 2 really hits the spot for me. It takes me back to radio navigation which I love.