32gb of memory not enough!

I’ve got an rtx3080 and I run in 4k on ultra. I’m only getting 30 or less fps. It seems my 32gb of memory is actually bottlenecking my gpu.

It’s maxed out when I look at it in the task manager, going to upgrade to 64mb today and see if that helps.

You call going from 32GB to 64MB of RAM an upgrade?
Try to drop your post again…And please provide a list of your rig… tnx

Strange I have never seen the sim use more than ~20GB. They also said in the Q&A they’re optimizing the mem usage. I actually have 64GB RAM, but that’s mostly for VM’s. Memory is cheap. Just buy it if you feel like it. 3600MHz CL16 is a good perf/price compromise.

I have 32gb and all is used always and rest is reserved for windows and for others in cache and usually just 2gb

How do you figure?
How does a brief glimpse at Task Manager give you this idea that 32 GB of system memory is “bottlnecking” your GPU, especially when a GPU has its own memory?

You aren’t playing War Thunder, MSFS is demanding and possibly not well optimized.
More RAM is not going to magically give you 60+fps.
I have an RTX 3080 OC and 128 GB of DDR4-3200 so I should know…

Share your system specs, MSFS settings, and if you are running anything demanding in the background.


I have an Alienware Autora R11. 32gb Ram running at 3200mhz, RTX3080, i7-10700k.

Temps are good. I did see what’s going on by running dev mode in the sim. I was gpu limited and was maxing out vram. I turned graphics to high and gained 10 frames.

I was running on Ultra settings at KSEA at night, heavy clouds and rain in a 787-10. I was sitting at around 30fps in the cockpit.

Minor stutters on take off, wheels up through clouds fairly smooth. Stayed at around 30fps dropping down briefly to high 20’s.

I suspect it is not about your memory or rig in general, but a bad choice in plane. 787 is a really bad one, try something else and see the results.

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generally all glass cockpits use lot of computing power.
e.g 747, 787 and A320 and 30fps inside of cokpit but inside of cessna 30-60fps location dependent of course

All the big airliners are brutal on the CPU. Thats why I find them unflyable in VR. Asobo said we’ll hopefully see big performance gains on PC when the sim comes out for the Xbox this Summer. They’ve made a lot of optimisation changes apparently.

That makes sense. As luck would have it my buddy down the street has the same Alienware PC I have but with an i9 and a 3090. For fun i’m going to try his PC out on my monitor and see what difference there is.

might be you can save money if you use the forum search function and join into one of the existing discussion about.

Out of interest do you have a reference for that?

While it seems logical, and certainly something I would hope for, I’ve only ever seen them play down the performance impact of moving to DX12U in dev videos and saying it’s more about allowing them to do more effects (such as raytracing) than improving performance.

Always seemed an odd position to me given DX12’s possibilities of variable rate shading, mesh shaders, sampler feedback, better handling of draw calls etc.

Its during this Q+A posted yesterday Twitch

The performance improvements aren’t a direct result of DX12 but are due to some new optimisation techniques they’re worked out as a result of getting the sim to perform well on the Xbox. They said it should make a big difference to the PC version.

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Many thanks, will have a look this eve once the zoo animals have gone to bed!

If the guy wants to increase his RAM to 64 GB, then let him. Why tell him not to? There is even some evidence, not in FS2020 mind you (probably because this game isn’t highly benchmarked by the YouTubers), that filling up all four DIMM slots can offer some improvement over having just two slots filled, even at the same RAM levels.


Go to the 37.40 mark.

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may have been server…i had low frame rate last night as well around Housten Tx

I run 32GB and only have a 1440p monitor and still see 25GB or more in busy airports with lots of traffic. I am sure if I had a 4K monitor or was using a VR headset it would use more. Also ram is way cheap these days.

WRT DX12 the interesting one will be DLSS if we ever get it.

Cheers - I actually ended up watching the whole thing.

Can’t wait for those optimisations to come online… in VR especially things could really do with some significant optimisations.

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It sounds like there’s some cool things coming to the sim this year including better lighting and visual effects. It’ll be interesting to see what else they add from a simulator/gameplay point of view to the sim for the Xbox version. As they pointed out its a different market they’re appealing to there.

Those Q+A’s are really interesting though. I’ve never seen a developer being so open like that with they’re audience. Its great.