3rd basic handling tutorial stuck demonstrating

The 3rd basic handling tutorial the instructor is stuck in demonstrating basic right turn, forever. It stuck flying in a figure 8 loop around the sedona airport.
occurs every time. tutorial cannot be completed.

I had a similar issue with this while playing it on the cloud. Like I said in another reply to one of your threads, that’s actually what made me install it all the way; the performance is much better, as the Xbox is not having to work to buffer the sim through the cloud while it’s trying to render the environment.

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Please do not delete the bug template when logging bugs. It is there for a reason.

Sorry, I didnt know where to report this bug. Its not an interface bug. I’m not sure what to call it. Interface is the closest I could find on the forums.

No problem! You posted this in the right place because training is an activity. But when you click the New Topic button, there is a form that pops up. We’re asking you not to delete it but instead to fill it out.

I reported this bug a few months ago. Link here Familiarization Flight

For the record she will let you complete the lesson but you have wait a long time. I think it was about 6 or 7 minutes. At least it worked for me.

I hope this gets fixed soon. Its ridiculous.

I can too approve, that the third tutorial is very weirdly bugged.

Playing on PC on STEAM.
Language German.

When the Instructor starts to turn the first right courve, he suddenly starts to talk in spanish, instead of german.
After that the progress get stuck in the right turn part.

While I was looking for this forum and thread, after 2 full long rounds around the airport the progress finally continued and the instructor began to talk in german again, and switched again to spanish … aaand back to german :rofl: (I am literally playing it right now while on this post writing…), and its spanish again.

I know this tutorial from earlier, when I played the game on release with the game pass and it wasnt bugged back then.

… btw finished now and the last dialogues were in german again.