3rd Party Aircraft Developers Missed on Forum

Is it me or has anyone else noticed that the 3rd party airplane developers and their threads have, essentially, evaporated since the forum moved to strictly in enforce their No Support policy?

I feel like there is so much less conversation about third party planes now and even that the developers themselves have sort of disappeared from the forum. Why would they be here participating in any conversation for fear the topics will turn towards “support” when they risk losing their posting privileges?

I miss their chatter.

The entire 3rd Party section has been merged into:

Yes. That I was(am) aware of.

I was referring more to how I don’t see posts from the developers themselves anymore.

The recent A310 release was a stark reminder of how the devs are gone from the forum. It was refreshing to “work” with the folks from iniBuilds and it only served to remind me of how we’ve lost something due to the policy enforcement.

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The guidelines do not prohibit 3rd Party developers from assisting members on how to use their product. The guidelines only apply to issues outside of using the product.

I’m not questioning or knocking the guidelines here, Hester. I’m just getting the sense that they’ve elected to stay away simply because the line may be too fine.

Or it’s just a shift in the tide of the sim and/or the development “excitement” for the sim and there is just a lull in their activity.

Whatever the case may be, I just spend quite a bit of time here and note their absence and equated it to the policy enforcement after seeing a post from DC under the Harrier thread.


There are many 3rd party devs here who continue to help guide users on how to use their products and add a lot of value to the forums. Unfortunately, there are also a number who would abuse the rules and run 100% of their support on here (meaning troubleshooting purchasing issues, bugs, installation, etc.) through our forums. As a MSFS-run space, we think the line is pretty clear here, and many 3rd pary devs are understanding this rule better and creating their own full support space, which we are happy to see.

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