3rd Party Airport Release list and release radar 1

Dear all,

As noticed on the wishlist thread
(Which Airports are at the top of your wishlist for third-party devs to make?)
that many of you desire airports already released,
I would like to share my personal excel file to see what is already announced or released by 3rd party devs.

Hope you enjoy.

Additional information:

Changes Rev. 4

Changes Rev. 3

Changes Rev. 2

Changes Rev. 1

  • World Update II handcrafted airports added to main page
  • Thailand airports added to ICAO list
  • North America small airports added to ICAO list until letter “R”
  • some German Airfields added to ICAO list

Current Status:
Updated 2021-01-19

New release:

MSFS Scenery list rev. 4


MSFS Scenery list rev. 0

MSFS Scenery list rev. 1

MSFS Scenery list rev. 2

MSFS Scenery list rev. 3


That’s an amazing piece of information, thank you!

i’ve been looking for something like that.

i’ll check it frequently, great idea! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, you’re always welcome.

I put the introduction of the file in this separate post to increase readability.

The files consists of 6 tables.
MSFS - 01

Only Freeware, that is published by professional 3rd Party developers or really high quality scenery, is mentioned.

This table is just used, to get the reference when adding a new scenery.

To enable searching and filtering, all entries are filed in the table of each category.
So it is able to check sceneries from certain developers or countries.
MSFS - 02

In this case, all airports are shown, that are not yet released, but officially announced.

Following categories are covered:

Country Group Location Airport ICAO-Code Developer Publisher Released Estimated Costs Purchase Marketplace

Prices are mostly taken from simmarket.
Please note that it is not a complete list, but most important airports and publishers are covered.

  • Since rev. 3 nearly all releases are covered now.
    If something’s missing, please let me know, I will update the file regularly.

When you would like to proceed with the list for yourself,
please note that a formula is added to most lines.
Unfortunately it does not automatically appear, when adding a new line.
You can simply copy and paste from another line and just add the ICAO Code. Country, Location and Airport name will fill automatically.

This is awesome! Thank you. Is there any chance of adding a web link to download?

Many thanks. I will consider that, but as it has to be added all by hand, I assume rather not to add download links. Maybe, if I could get some help with that.
Currently more thinking about adding a column where to find each scenery.
Some are only available at aerosoft, flightsim.com, MS Marketplace or simmarket.

Most probably I will add links to Premium Freeware Airports, as these are not available on flightsim.to

Updated 2021-01-04 - Rev. 2

  • Freeware Category added for 3rd Party Freeware or premium Freeware
  • Freeware airports websites linked (can not be found on flightsim.to)
  • Airports updated
  • MS Marketplace Column added
  • lots of Airports of smaller developers added
  • annoncements updated

Moved from general discussion to Flying / Airports category in forum

Rev. 3 changes:
Following Airports added:

Country Location Airport ICAO-Code Developer Publisher Released
Angola Luanda Luanda - 4th Of February FNLU FSXcenery released
Australia Adelaide Parafield YPPF Auscene released
Austria Hoersching Linz LOWL Screencode released
Ghana Accra Kotoka Intl Airport DGAA Africa4FS Announced
Greece Santorini (Thira) Santorini (Thira) National Airport LGSR Justsim released
Italy Milan Malpensa Intl Airport LIMC DEIMOS INC released
Norway Sandefjord Sandefjord Airport ENTO ORBX ORBX Announced
Portugal Faro Faro Airport LPFR Tropicalsim released
Romania Timisoara Timisoara (Traian Vuia) Intl Airport LRTR Moldova Scenery Design Announced
Switzerland Montricher Montricher LSTR Vögtle&delRio released
USA Washington Sekiu Airport 11S Terrapearl Studios Aerosoft released
USA Washington Darrington Municipal Airport 1S2 ORBX ORBX released
USA Idaho JOHNSON CREEK 3U2 Creative Mesh released
USA Illinois Frasca Field C16 Flyt Simulations released
USA New Haven, Connecticut Tweed-New Haven Airport KHVN ORBX ORBX Announced

Couple of missing entries for Japan.

Drzewiecki Design is making RJAA Narita.

Malaysian Flight Simulation Group already released Toyama RJNT

GATE15Scenery is working on RJOR Tottori.

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Many thanks.
These airports were considered as well in this update:

Rev. 4 Change Log:

Country Location Airport ICAO-Code Developer Publisher Released
Antarctica Antarctica Pegasus Field NZPG Redwing Sim Announced
Argentina Bariloche Teniente Luis Candelaria SASZ SIMULACIÓN EXTREMA released
Cameroon Yaounde Nsimalen FKYS FSXcenery released
Canada Moncton, New Brunswick Moncton CYQM Stairport Announced
Canada Toronto, Ontario Toronto - Buttonville Mun CYKZ Roman Design released
Denmark Esbjerg Esbjerg Airport EKEB OnFinal Studio released
France Lyon Lyon Brindas Airport LFKL Redwing Sim released
France Lyon Lyon - Bron Airport LFLY Redwing Sim released
Germany Freiburg im Breisgau Freiburg i. Br. Airport EDTF Akaflieg Freiburg e.V. Freeware released
Japan Tottori Tottori Airport RJOR GATE15Scenery Announced
Japan Chiba Narita Intl Airport RJAA Drzewiecki Design Announced
Japan Toyama Toyama Airport RJNT Malaysian Flight Simulation Group released
Morocco Agadir Al-Massira GMAD FSDG released
Norway Sandefjord Sandefjord Airport ENTO ORBX ORBX Announced
Norway Batsfjord Batsfjord Airport ENBS OnFinal Studio released
Norway Berlevag Berlevag Airport ENBV OnFinal Studio Announced
Norway Bronnoysund Bronnoysund Airport ENBN OnFinal Studio Announced
Norway Sogndal Sogndal Airport ENSG Redwing Sim Announced
Spain Valencia Valencia Airport LEVC TDM Scenery Design Announced
Sweden Stockholm Skavsta ESKN M’M Simulations released
Switzerland Bernese Oberland Thun Airfield LSZW MB Simulations Freeware released
Switzerland Samedan Samedan Airport LSZS MXI Design released
Switzerland Friburg Friburg-Ecuvillens aerodrome LSGE Redwing Sim released
Switzerland Geneva Geneva - Cointrin LSGG Redwing Sim Announced
Switzerland Dübendorf Dübendorf LSMD Redwing Sim Announced
Ukraine Kiev Boryspil Intl Airport UKBB Pyreegue Announced
United Kingdom Glasgow Glasgow Intl Airport EGPF UK2000 Announced
United Kingdom Birmingham Birmingham Intl Airport EGBB Macco Simulations released
USA New Haven, Connecticut Tweed-New Haven Airport KHVN ORBX ORBX released
USA Casper, Wyoming Natrona County Intl Airport KCPR FSXcenery released
USA Oregon Roseburg Regional Airport KRGB Redwing Sim Announced
Venezuala Caracas Caracas Venezuela Airport SVCS TDM Scenery Design Announced

Just wanted to thank you for compiling this list and keeping it updated! A fantastic source of information and very helpful when planning what airports to buy!(and look forward to!)


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