3rd party scenery destroys FPS

I have 2 computers, one uses RTX 2080 and one with an RTX3080, both with 16gb Ram, processors are irrelevant as there was always more for them to give. But one an 9th Gen and one an 10th Gen I7. Both over clocked. I am using a Reverb G2.
Following all the good advice on set up and configuration and then getting some good FPS, as soon as I enter an area that has 3rd party scenery frames drop off massively. Best example and best frame drop is London and using Orbx. 10 fps and unusable. Uninstall it and I’m back to 40-50 fps. If you are struggling with FPS try it without any add on scenery. Also noticed that some 3rd party aircraft have a few issues. I can only guess that the 3rd party stuff is not optimised for VR.

what also the normal rule for that forum is:

(not mods or 3rd party content)

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