4 Season Pack - Multi Season - Available on PC and Xbox [Archive 1]

There is no mod for this Airport I would have one because the standard is awfull. The onely mod wich could infect the picture is the small Bell - maybee she bought the Palms?

Could be. You will need to find out which mod is causing the issue.

Same area in spring/fall: no palms.

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Also make sure you have the 3d model folder installed.

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I am very sorry You are absolutly right! I tryed it with onely 3D trees, season SpringN -FallS and the Bell in the community folder an there are no palms but bushes. Sorry!

No worries. Glad it’s sorted out. You can delete the 3d trees folder and only keep 3d models folder


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I found it! I had a mod calld “shorter Trees” in my community nearly from beginning because trees were to big.


This Sunday’s update:

New Season: Winter North / Summer South
Bora Bora Island
Zhangjiajie Mountains.
Updates on CYQB airport and surrounding cities and mountains.
Update on Long beach port. - Removed trees from ships.

New release: (available in simmarket now) - LOWI Airport Winter Trees covering 2 x 5 miles (3.2 x 8 kilometers) of 3d winter trees. All trees places manually placed in airport and surrounding areas, houses, yards, by the river and hills.



Hi there, can you explain what is the difference between the 4 season pack I currently own and the new item that was made available today? Will the 4 season pack no longer be supported?

@PharaohEo That’s just one multi season instead of 4 season pack. It’s for people who don’t want to pay the full price or just want to try one season first before buying the full pack.


Ok great, thanks for the quick response!


You mean Zhangjiajie, right?

Yesss, Fixed the typo :slight_smile:


New promo video:


Incredible as always Bijan :slight_smile: Now if only we can get someone to fix the water masks in the world so tropical islands actually show their reefs and stuff…It’d be amazing since so many coastal areas in game are messed up due to the water masks :confused:


Thank you…Hopefully Asobo will get those fixed.

Joshua and bamboo Trees are here.

20,000 trees will be added in Joshua National Park in Mojave Desert.


I can’t wait :slight_smile: Any pics of how the bamboo looks :wink: Also, will the Winter North/Summer South update be available soon today?

Update is already uploaded. :slight_smile: You don’t have your notification on?

I’ll post a picture of bamboo later on.

There will be several Joshua tree shapes. Not all will be the same.


Creating Arashiyama bamboo grove pathway in Kyoto.


Gorgeous trailer! But I can’t stop constantly worrying that you are going to crash into some the trees you’ve planted. That will be Air French 296 all over again. Maybe consider using drones to fly these dangerous paths next time?

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