4 Season pack?

Anyone already tested this? Looks cool …

Yup, have it and I really like it, although the trees are still slightly oversized in my opinion, especially in central Europe (Switzerland as an example). But it really adds to the immersion, even though the ground textures are not accordingly adjusted, autumn, winter and spring does look more like it should compared to the always green stuff from Asobo in default. Wether or not is worth the money, each has to decide on its own, as I don’t think that we get any seasons by Asobo anytime soon, I gave this addon a go.

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It IS cool. The treesize is a matter of taste… I find it ok. Main item are the tree colors, and this item is a masterpiece. Season are essential in our world, Just look out of our window. Here we have realistic global seasons, This mod raises realism and fun of Flightsim at least one level. It is worth every cent…

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I’ve bought it and agree it’s a substantial improvement to the general appereance of the sim. Not just colors but also trees varieties, LODs etc … probably something you may consider also when sometime in the future official seasons will be supported.
The author is also very prompt to fix issues and improve when reported.

Yup, newest release (3.01) is a lot better also in regard of tree sizes. Might be placebo, but who cares :wink:

The Addon looks pretty nice from what I could see in the video of OP.

There is only one concern regarding the winter season. The video states that trees in winter are recoloured to brown. Does this affect every type of tree or just broad-leaved trees, since in real life conifers stay green all season or just seem darker in winter, but not brown.

I’d be glad if somebody could clarify this.

Hi there, I have v3 of this season mod and i can confirm that the conifers and also palm trees stay green in winter.

This video shows green conifers in winter, checkout the end starting at 3:11 and 3:18.

Yes I have it and love it. Conifer and palm trees stay green in all seasons, including winter.

There is a newer version 3:


and it looks like he is working on version 4 already:

Spring version 4.0