4K FPS issue after sim update 7


After sim update 7, I found there are 4K resolution FPS issue while playing game include homepage It was OK before sim update 7
I thought it will be fixed, and it didn’t, then I opened my laptop and clean all the dust of fans and system

I know Why this happened and what cause the issue

First of all I am a RTX 3080 player, So the clock boost should be at 1700 MHZ, But when I open the MSI Afterburner, It said When I only got 200 MHZ to 400 MHZ, This means it locked the clock boost of our GPU, and this types of issue didn’t happen in other game, and My Nvidia and system drives are all up to date.

So hopefully It will be sorted soon and if you wanna contact me, Instagram: Saiban66661
Discord: sibow0001 / sibow0001#6830

We know it, bad update 7.

Come here and vote too

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yes, Its optimization limited our graphics performance

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I can suggest you set the screen reselution from 4K to 2048 , 1156

You might have a GPU hardware problem. I think NVIDIA deliberately underclocks hardware if there is a problem so that the hardware doesn’t completely fail.

I have a 2080ti with FPS between 30 and 50 at 4k (DX11 and DX12). Prior to SU7 the FPS was between 25 and 30, very big improvement with SU7.

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Yeah maybe, I think it is indivsual system issue :smiley:

I also run a 4k monitor with a 3080Ti. This is mostly Ultra with Online Functionality OFF. Note the Renderscaling. By upscaling the resolution, you ensure that the GPU is ALWAYS busy feeding the monitor and NEVER waiting for the CPU. In other words, it is never waiting for the CPU to feed it, therefore almost no stuttering whatsoever. I hope this helps.

ok I’ll try it, thanks allot

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I’ve noticed that in the last few days!
And have not uninstalled anything!

+20 und mehr Fps On-Off Städte Markierung!

System: Win10 DX11 AMD3950x 32g 3090RTX