747/787 Autopilot Commands!?!?!

Hey everyone! I have been trying for MONTHS to get Boeing 747 and 787 AP commands (LNAV, VNAV, FLCH, VS, etc. along with Battery and Standby power) to work on a button press. Has anyone figured out how to do these? I have Mobiflight and SPAD.NEXT. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Does FSUIPC have anything? Atleast mobiflight has for the A32nx

Nope sadly. It’s something Asobo has to make available I am pretty sure.

what does Mobiflight do for the A32NX, is there a new Mobi release…if it helps i’m game but will wait (forever) for asobo’s massive fixes in September if I must.

Assigning cockpit controls to keybinds/buttons?

They were talking about the a32nx buttons here:

Ok. I’m taking about the Boeing