747-8F (Salty / Asobo)

I see no discussion on this small yet nice modification of the 747-8i to a 747-8F.
The guy deserves some credit, so I thought of opening up this topic.

Cargo doors don’t open and all but a nice work on the fuselage.
Eventually we will get there!



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Are you more or less wanting/looking for an official thread for the Salty 747 Modification?

DeathActual is a livery painter on Flightsim.to. People generally talk about liveries there.

If you’re looking for an official thread on the 747 here are some links.


I hope he updates the Asobo´s Singapore 747s. That livery is nice. He does good liveries,


I am not sure if it links directly to the Salty Mod.

Its a shape modification (and not just livery) of the default 747.
This mod can be used for the Salty or Asobo.

The thread you mention is for the Salty mod for the 747-8i but nothing to do with the shape modification from 747-8i to 747-8F.

Correct me if I am wrong and thanks for the help!


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Oh okay, so it modifies the fuselage. . . nice! :smiley:

Might be a good idea to post it in the official thread so more people recognize it.

I’m trying to find the B747-8F fuselaje mod.
Where can I find it. It’s worth it?
Works with Salty 747 mod?

Is there any way we can do our own paint scheme for the 747-8F? Is there a paint kit available?
Thank you,
Tom M.

Hey, could someone please give me a tip on how to close the ■■■■ doors? I just finished around the Earth trip in FBW A320, and decided to try the Salty B747 this time. Short flight from Prague to Dubrovnik.
So i’m looking at the checklists, writing a cheatsheet in excel so i can start learning the cold start items, i’m getting to the startup, when i found out that the gate disconnected (by itself), but the doors the gate connected to, are still open.
Sooo… ■■■?
I’m not in the mood to restart the entire flight and reprogram the entire flight from scratch. The ATC isn’t letting me reconnect to the gate anymore, so i can’t “reset” it that way.
Looks like i got two options.
1.Find out how to close the door manually somehow
2.Fly with the door opened.

Does anyone have a clue if i can close the door somehow?

Oh NVM. Thank fck for Toolbar Pushback. I managed to close the door via the mod.

Well, i closed the door thing, got to the RWY, aligned with the centerline, pushed the throttle and before i could start rolling, it did a boom and a message “You overstressed the aircraft and caused critical damage” appeared.
Sooo… What happened? There’s a way to kill the jumbo by pushing the throttle forward? I’m confused. Is there a manual or some kind of written tips for the Salty thing? I’d love to read about it, but i wasn’t successful. Only tutorials i found were videos, and i really don’t have the patience nor the time to click through them to find the relevant passages. I would love a manual or a written tutorial.
Thanks guys…

So the only real issue I’ve found to be annoying is that for the Freighter variant still is set up like the passenger variant in the FMS ie: Still can load 300+ pax and only ~43t instead of the roughly ~150t cargo capacity of the actual freighter. I cant seem to find the file to modify those configs… anyone know where that might be or if thats even possible?