Salty Simulations 747-8

The Salty Simulations 747-8 project is an open source modification for the default 747-8. We strive to improve the default aircraft and we hope that it will eventually become a “high-fidelity” simulation of the 747. All the features, briefly explained, can be found in the GitHub readme, and all the features can be found in the changelogs. At the moment we are a growing community of around 3k members.

If you would like to contribute to this project, either with your skills in programming or providing information / research, we are always looking for that!



THIS! I’m excited to see a Zibo style 747-8 coming! Best of luck to you guys!

I think we are all grateful. Keep us informed of your releases please!

ok, finally someone thinks to improve the 747. thanks you and keep in touch

Thank you.

I will. We also post whenever there is a release in our Discord.

Thanks! I will add your Discord to my favorites :wink:

Thank you for the efforts! Good luck with the project!

Thank you!

Thanks very much, HERO

Thanks…an keep up the Good Work

Will do! Thank you.

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Thanks for the information! :+1:

You are welcome :blush:

Hi there,
Please can you advise. I’ve downloaded the Salty Sim 747 mod but am a bit confused on the installation. Looking at instructions it talks of cloning branch master or installing into the addon_folder/addon_files within the community folder. Its all very confusing. Is it just a case of copying the 747 salty simulations folder as found in the zip directly into your community folder??? I successfully managed to install the A320 mod by just copying the unzipped file into the community folder and was assuming that the 747 installation would be the same. Please can you advise and thanks in appreciation. Andy

yup, simply drop it in the community folder. Nowhere in the installation guide does it say to put it in “addons_folder/addon_files” if you’re on the official github.

ok thanks. I did see the addons folder/files etc on some sight, but seeing as you’ve said just drop it into the community folder, that is what I will do. I thank you for a speedy reply. Good day to you.

Hi @SCNinjo, I have a question, is the V0.1.0-rc2 the latest version?

Does it work after the Japan update?


still cant get screens to show up in cold start . engines start , apu etc but no display ?