787 is fully freez on final

Since few flights I have had a major issue with the 787 witch mean I cannot land.

Systematically in the short final phase, the aircraft “freeze”, so it will no longer responds to any command: the joystick does not respond, same for the keyboard commands and the mouse in the cockpit (I would point out that this has nothing to do with the clickable cockpit bug).
In fact, I can no longer fly at all because I literally can no longer act on the plane, even by unplugging / re-plugging my peripherals.

However, when all the other bugs are resolved by saving the flight and then relaunching it, here even by reloading the flight the plane is still frozen and doesn’t responds to anything.

My question is: am I the only one with this problem?

I specify that the terrain or the basic livery does not change anything!

Thank you for your help and good flights :wink:

(as you can see on this picture everything looks normal but in fact all the commands are freez)

Same for me on the Longitude. It freezes at nearly all flights now.

Does it freez during the approach ?

Hello @DoxyNirox , it looks to me, that it got better now.
I kicked out all mods, which I don‘t need. One of my liveries have caused this problems.
The freezers are gone, and I am on Multiplayer again.
But I got them during all phases during the flight.

but you are not alone………

I have not had this issue happen on the 787 or the Longitude or any other plane. And I have flown very long, 5 to 8 hour flights on both.

I would say it has something to do with your environment

I will try to delete / redownload the 787, I’ill keep you informed