787 speed brake lever armed/retracted positions incorrectly swapped

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Brief description of the issue:
Speed brake lever armed/retracted positions have been swapped.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
To arm the ground spoilers you need to move the speed brake lever to the fully forward position, instead of the correct slighty further aft and marked arm position.

Using the speed brakes in flight also moves the lever only between the fully extended and the (previously correct) armed position, instead of the fully forward position

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

Anyone else not getting the spoilers to deploy during landing automatically when they are armed?

Just tried it, and seems like it’s just you; spoilers were automatically up on touchdown

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I can’t move the speedbreak lever at all

Neither can I. Have you been able to bind a key or button to the spoilers, instead of trying to moving it in-game? I’ll have to try it out later, almost seems like they disabled the use of speedbrakes somehow while keeping it “armed” by default…

Same here. Even when armed, they don’t automatically deploy on landing.

I updated my premium deluxe content, i.e. the 787, via content manager and the speed brakes moves now. It does require more force than I remembered it being to pull it back but it works for me

This thread should be moved to the bugs section.

same problem here. 787 speed brake handle is on armed position but it no longer toggle

I don’t have any problems moving the speed brake lever with the mouse between the armed and the retracted position.

Yes I can move the lever from Down to Armed and beyond. What i meant was that the position has been swapped for the speedbrake to toggle when you land. Previously, when I set it to “Armed”, the spoiler will automatically deploy upon touch down. Now, it won’t deploy unless I keep it at the “Down” position. Can we share this issue so it can be fixed?


Moved to bugs section :slight_smile:

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can we log this as a bug? Same issue here where the speedbrake lever if set to Armed will not deploy the spoiler upon touch down. It has to be set to “Down” (fully forward position, which is incorrect)

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Same for me since su6
And even autobrake seems not working normally

I am very disappointing to see that this bug will probably not be fixed in SU7, as the number of votes for it has not increased…

This bug hasn’t even been confirmed.

Wow really it’s reversed - going to have to check that out … good catch. No wonder nobody found out if there was a temporary work around. Its like putting the flap lever down to raise the flaps lol.

It encapsulates the essence of this product doesn’t it - very nice to look at but realism is anything but. Unfortunately the 787 is hardly flown I think, going from the number of posts here about it. Although the external model is very well done - things like the speedbrake behaviour, the STD toggle not working, the flightmodel (flaps up = nosedive…), the main landing gear not properly compressing on landing, the crazy calculated V speeds… We really didn’t get much value by paying extra for it and that’s pretty annoying. If it wasn’t for 3rd party devs patching up these airliners (even though the 787 is heavily DRMed) there would be no default airliner worth flying!

I disagree. The speed brake armed/down position was correct prior to SU6.

I’m not aware of a flaps up = nose dive problem and the main gear tilt only needs a bit of adjustment.

I’m quite happy with the default 787.

Yes the spoiler’s don’t extend automatically on touchdown when armed they where always working perfectly until this new update SU6.I’ve changed nothing in my hardware tried to work around but I couldn’t find any solution .I arm spoiler and extend manually but it’s boring.
DĂ©faut Dreamliner 787 10 .I never use mods or add-on
Any solution?