A Call to all

It’s the all too frequent examples of one-upmanship, snobbery, vitriol and outright belligerence that is the biggest blight on these forums.
It makes the business of bug reporting, finding temporary fixes and the garnering of more general information an increasingly onerous task.
And I will go further by saying that, sadly, I have found - with a few notable exceptions - that it is becoming increasingly difficult to engage with like minded enthusiasts for the purposes of just, well … chewing the cud.

And off course, all this reflects badly on ALL OF US.
And I wonder how long MS are going to put up with it.
Frankly, if I were MS I would just shut the forums down.
And what a shame that would be because along with all the nonsense we would lose all the wisdom, insights, humour and other general good stuff too.

I despair.
I reach for my tin hat.


Thankfully there are more good helpful and friendly members in here than the sad little trolls whom we all know who they are. The mods do a fantastic job deleting there troll posts it wont be long until the mods say enoug is enough and perma ban them.

best thing to do if you see them troll just hit the little flag and report it as spam the mods will do the rest of the work


Ahaaah. To the rescue.
Good man.

So many things to consider brother. So many valids POVs, the goods, the bads. It is not that simple. It is not a solution to say we are behaving bad we should stop. However, I am tired of the negative posts too. I log in every day to see who I could help, or what can I do and I keep seeing people posting for the first time, reporting the same old problems from day one. I don’t know what to think. I try to keep myself positive and be a helping hand whenever I can. SIncerely I am tired of the toxic posts, and I am tired of the “leave them in peace” too. It is weird, lets try to be respectful of all


It’s a good bet that many first posters are also first time forum users, and don’t realize there’s a good chance someone’s already thought what they’re thinking. I see people put on blast with USE THE SEARCH FIRST way too many times. Heck - I got blasted early on because what I was looking for didn’t show up in my search, but had already been posted. I agree that trolls need to be flagged, but can we be a little more patient with the new users?


Newbies are not the problem.
Heck, as far as these forums are concerned, I am a newbie.
So, a point worth making.

But happily that’s not what this thread is about.


Hi @chrisross106677,
Yes thank goodness for the helpful ones!
I don’t know if you ‘Tech Alpha Insiders’ ever get together or have meetings about how the product should be represented, but if you do, please have a word to the (I hesitate to say ‘younger’… maybe more ‘Inexperienced’?) other members that they are perceived in a small way to be representing or speaking on behalf of MS/Asobo. Whether they are actually representing them is another matter - it’s the perception I’m talking about.
When you get some knob complaining rather than asking for help, answering them in the same manner, or just abusing them, calling them dumb, whatever - only perpetuates the problem. With some empathy and wisdom, your fellow alpha tech insiders would understand that the complainer may have just waited 9 hours for a download, and found it didn’t work and had to start again, then lost it and flicked a message indicating how ■■■■■■ off they were. Obviously not their finest moment :slight_smile:

In those situations, a message that tries to offer alternatives, or another viewpoint, without being a ■■■■ could go a long way to bringing some of the more unreasonable members back into the fold. Such members often become helpful and useful members of the community.

Anyway - just a thought. Not wanting to ■■■■ anyone off - rather hoping some of the aggressive, opinionated, and unhelpful posts coming from a subset of the tech alpha insiders could convert into helpful ones.



The mods are here to help maintain a friendly and productive forum. Please note that newer members may not have reached a level to use the flagging system. If you are not yet able to flag then you can message the moderator team @moderators and tell us your concerns.


Hi @PaulyFSPauly sorry but us tech alpha insiders are no different to non tech alpha insiders like yourself. It’s just a tag to identify that we were part of the alpha/beta program that’s all. We are no different to normal users here.

We don’t have meeting sir anything as such it’s just a tag we got that is all if that makes sense


Well, the “snobbery, vitriol and outright belligerence” in this forum is mostly a trademark of the group that think any criticism of their beloved MSFS2020 amounts to a “crimen laesum majestatis” and should be punished harshly. Even a modest request for a “considerate bahaviour” in Multiplayer scenarios is called “elitist” and triggers a “dressing down”.
Anyone who voices criticism within the boundaries of the forum netiquette should not be accosted or labelled as “whiner” or “hater”. This seems to be a challenging task to some.
It is up to the moderators to decide which posts are to be removed for violation of the code of conduct. If they decide to keep it you have to live with it. Calling for a closure of this forum because there are too many “critics” and opinions you dislike is certainly not the way to move forward.
As for myself, if anyone thought he could trigger me to a mud wrestling match in this forum he would be disappointed.


It’s just the nature of forums, i’m afraid.

Best thing to do is to ignore the comments which hack you off and not let the belligerent comments get you down. Have a laugh at them instead. Some of the negative postings are truly a great source of amusement. It would seem that some people have agendas and love to spread doom and gloom. See them for what they are and have a good laugh.

On the flip side most of the comments here are genuine, understandable and valid. To shut down a forum due to the idiocy of the few but which is helpful in the main would, I believe, be a mistake.

My two pennies for what they’re worth (don’t have any cents!)


Thanks god for this positive thread. The internet is full of garbage like trolling, hating people for not sharing the same POVs. Anonymity is main ingredient here. I believe that most of these “fighters” are not so brave in real world.

Even more some “serious” sites that lives from all the ads around are set like this. For example one of my popular HW/IT focused site completely transfored (or polarized) to be “club of amd lovers and intel haters”, throwing dirt not only to intel, but also to their fans. Who don’t share their POV is bad and always get >10 negative points for their posts, despite the validity of their opinion. Moreover, it’s based on their unique usernames, which is IMO very personal then. :slight_smile: I’m really tired of this trend…

So I propose and agree: Let’s continue enjoying things. Is there a bug? Let’s find a temporary (or permanent) workaround and go ahead. Did I find any bug? So report it to people who are able to fix it (and don’t blame them, they are also just people). Know a solution? Share it with others to allow them keep enjoying things. Not so hard I believe, is it? :slight_smile:


I also agree, that we should ignore these permanent haters / trolls, don’t respond to their posts. Don’t waste our energy, let’s focus on real stuff we like. They don’t deserve any of our attention.


The forum gives you good tools to exclude people you do not want to read. On my blocklist are currently 9 users. So reading the forum is much more relaxed. After a while I give these users a chance again and read the last posts from them to see if they still appear so salty in all posts and then decide if I take them off the blocklist. So every now and then some are added and some are removed. I have my peace of mind and do not have to read their attacks any further. Smaller slips I read over, everyone has a bad day. Today’s generation is simply egocentric. In my generation (born in 1975) this already started sporadically.


That is very good advice and thanks for posting it.


It really does. Most of the members in the flight sim community are supportive, helpful, and well versed in many aviation areas. Unfortunately it only takes a few bad apples stirring the pot to make it stink. Constructive criticism is key here, and not the entitled bashing, one-upmanship and vitriolic remarks that are going around. On a brighter note, I’d love to fly with you sometime - send me a request in-game :slight_smile:


grabs popcorn and sits back


Criticism is ok, but C’EST LE TON QUI FAIT LA MUSIQUE

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off-topic and attacking posts deleted, next are warnings.


I think you will find a good majority have an agenda… they feel hurt that the sim they spent $$$ in the past is now showing it’s age… like everything in business nowadays… their idea is slate MSFS as much as possible in the hope MSFS2020 goes away