A Call to all

Absolutely nothing! In fact, without constructive criticism, things wouldn’t get better. The operative word is ‘constructive’.


For example those who’re clearly throwing dirt on devs for UPCOMING patch / update. I think that there’s nothing good with these posts… Just negatively speculating, maybe based on their bad previous experience, but why blaming in advance? :slight_smile:


Btw. One more example of “objectivity”:

No one is really immune to bugs and issues, not even these mods that are so loved by people firing on asobo/ms. Let’s look for example to a32nx issues backlog. There are 250 open issues to be processed, where “only” 20 are labeled as “asobo bug” and 10 are qualified as “Bug-A32NX”. No one is really blaming a32nx team for having so much TODO things / bugs.

EDIT: The only difference is that MS/ASOBO get paid for it where a32nx didn’t. So some people are maybe too much sensitive about their money. But to be honest, up to date I’ve spent so much money, much bigger money than $120 on completely useless stuff. Just thinking aloud…

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Agree the speculative criticism and conspiracy theories are debilitating after a while. Some of the posts responding to the Japan announcement were frankly appalling and little short of abusive. These posts cannot be even vaguely considered to be constructive.

I’m not asking people to not complain if they have issues. But that doesn’t entitle people to not have respect for others.


Hi all.
In case this thread gets torpedoed by the trolls [and thus, and rightly, pulled by the mod’s] I would just like to say that I am really uplifted by the vast majority of you who have posted thoughtful, sometimes contrary but always considered replies.
I feel a whole lot more optomistic re the future of these forums now than I did when I started this thread and made my opening remarks.

I will continue replying where appropriate for as long as I can.
Many thanks.


You’ve just mentioned the right word - respect. People definitely deserve respect for what they did. The really don’t deserve blame for their mistakes and errors.

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Again, some trolls are really smart. When they feel threatened, they resort to a variety of well-practiced tactics to continue their abusive agenda. It’s an illness. I like to think the mods are even smarter, though!


We would like to think so too :wink:


Hahaha. Yes, DNFTT.

Yes, fair comment.
But it does make it more difficult to navigate the forums to find the info you’re looking for.


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Some trolls here can actually rival tardigrades or cockroaches when it comes to resilience.


Willful complaining does nothing but cause clutter making it difficult to find things.
But good for you.

Very interesting.
Many thanks.

I sometimes (ok, often) think social media was a huge mistake. Or needs much more severe moderation. :frowning_face:


Possibly. That and psycosis.

Nailed it!
Now where’s my guitar. Haha.

Yeah, I’m surprised I don’t see more locked threads here. They must put moderators through some sort of tolerance testing procedures.

I also think that this, being the new kid on the block in current flight sims, brings out an allegiance to those who have the others, and sometimes not in the best of ways.


By the way.
To all you moderator’s out there.
For what I imagine is the difficult, time consuming and thankless task that you perform.
Thanks very much.

And thanks for the light touch you have shown in this thread.


Strong point. They deserve pie or something.

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”
– Alfred Pennyworth