A new mobile map app utility for MS FS 2020

Announcing FS Map Tool , a new mobile map utility for MS FS2020 which has just been released on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. It’s a simple yet effective external map utility that shows your current plane location on an interactive map, alongside other parameters such as speed, altitude and heading.

Head over to www.fsmaptool.com for more info.

I’ve made this in my spare time as a fun side project. Let me know if you have any issues or suggestions and ideas on how to improve the app. I’m open for feedback and happy to include new features wherever possible.

Happy flying!


Very cool. Would be sweet to have something like this to embed on a groups website showing where all the folx in your group are flying.


come back when u have an android version … thx

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Thanks for making it. I’ll check it out.

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Thats a nice idea. Need to familiarize with multiplayer, haven’t tried flying with other people yet. Surely it could be done.

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Navigraph Charts does the same thing


Yeah maybe but Navigraph is just for tablet’s, not a mobiles.

@FelineBroom7486 Is Google cool with your use of their API?

I just wonder because VFRmap (another inflight map thingy) had to discontinue the use of Google and had to switch to OpenStreetMap instead.

Looks cool though.

Is there any chance to have an option to add georefrenced maps to it?

The way I implemented the map is without costs. For details see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60062539/react-native-maps-which-api-use-and-how-is-its-costs

Can you please elaborate / explain a bit more what you’re thinking of in detail?

Adding custom maps with georfefrence. I am flying in Israel for exampe and for VFR we have special rules with a desiganted map. So a good feature is to enable users to add their own content.

I see. Could this data be expressed in KML?

Sweet. Thank you for the link.

I think it should

Checked out the link, looks like what I was asking about, It’s pricey though and not sure if it supports multiple players.

Just to say that the app is now available for Android too, on Google Play.

Have fun and please consider leaving a review or rating :slight_smile: Thanks!

It loks nice. I just bought the android version, and for suggestions - What about making waypoints and a compass rose (360’) circle or maybe a waypointline with degrees relative to your position. It will be useful in conjunction with AP

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In the app, when entering the IP address, I’m not able to seperate the numbers with dots, only with commas. Am I supposed to enter the numbers without dots (I’ve tried this - didn’t work)?

Hi, this is a bug which seemingly still persists - the keyboard is different dependent where you live / which language your device is set up with. As a workaround you can copy the IP address in another app and then paste it back in to the IP address field. I will release a definitive fix for this in the next week.

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